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Da Brigade (Kuniva & dEnAuN) - Upcoming Album (2015)

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Da Brigade (Kuniva & dEnAuN) - Upcoming Album (2015)

Postby 6PRDMD9 » Nov 19th, '14, 03:50

@KunivaD12: You read it right #DaBrigadeRT @mRpOrTeR7: 2015 RT @MemoTheDefender: @mRpOrTeR7 you and @KunivaD12 is great duo. U should make an album.

Avoiding the SHADYXV thread at the moment because I haven't heard the snippets yet and am looking forward to this. Was telling CP that I was expecting a Brigade album far before either of them started their solo careers. It'll be good because it'll have plenty of Kuniva and it won't have any tryhard shit from the guy who doesn't know how to use capital letters. As more information is released I will update this.

PS I'm fully expecting this to not come out until 2017 given both of these guys releasing shit a lot later than they initially say they will lmao.
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Re: Da Brigade (Kuniva & dEnAuN) - Upcoming Album (2015)

Postby TranSlucEnt » Nov 19th, '14, 05:54

I'm at the point now where Im almost convinced that Em is done with d12 as far as being an active member
But I'm still willing to give them a chance, cause the rest do have bars, and bizarre just makes me laugh
I hope bane didn't come from the bass brothers sessions.. doesn't sound like it at all .
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