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House Slippers is available for streaming NOW!

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Re: House Slippers is available for streaming NOW!

Postby Devil'sAdvocate » Sep 16th, '14, 16:49

Menzo wrote:
Devil'sAdvocate wrote:Downloading. thanks man.

EDIT: It's not downloading lol, keeps giving me Captcha. anyone having that problem? i even tried doing it by voice and im getting every single one right but something is broken.

Your English.

I speak better than you. and you know that. :laughing:

It's so frustrating, its not english, its numbers.
The devil ain't on a level same as him!
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Re: House Slippers is available for streaming NOW!

Postby Mike_88 » Sep 24th, '14, 19:47

Revolutionary wrote:#45. Joell Ortiz - House Slippers - 5,876 (5,876)

Actually surprised people gave a fuck...

Yo dawg, you got info on Till Its Gone already?
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