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Escape the Fate New Album Streaming

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Re: Escape the Fate New Album Streaming

Postby viJilance » May 8th, '13, 18:27

Curious, do you like:


Don't get me wrong, the guitar solo in "I'm Not A Vampire" is really dope, my problem is with the vocals, I can see too much of an emo influence on this band, and I do not like that. But whatever floats are goat.

Nevermind i'm high as fuck i looked @ falling in reverse again LEL Escape the Fate has Some good guitar solos as well, But again, I can still hear too much of an emo influence.
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Re: Escape the Fate New Album Streaming

Postby Chet Starr » May 8th, '13, 23:36

Ronnie Radke >>>***

Old Escape The Fate was the best
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