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Linkin Park's The Mall OST. [possibly June 18]

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Linkin Park's The Mall OST. [possibly June 18]

Postby Jason M. » May 28th, '14, 21:27

Well, the first trailer for The Mall just dropped, and it has a minute long preview of a new track.

Well my sun, it won't shine
It won't light up the back of my mind
And these fires, they won't burn
Except to blacken the memories I've earned

And these walls are so thin
But they keep on holding me in
'Cause I've pushed and I know
That there's nowhere left to go

'Cause it goes through, through

'Cause it goes through, through

The music in the film is composed by Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joe Hahn and Phoenix and Deadsy's drummer and film composer Alec Puro. The Mall currently doesn't have a worldwide release date, however, in France, it's slated for release June 18 (one day after The Hunting Party), under the title ''A DAY TO KILL''.


How amazing would it be to get possible 30+ new Linkin Park tracks in two days?

The answer is infinite. Infinitely awesome.
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