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Any Man (Fuckin' Crazy)

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Re: Any Man (Fuckin' Crazy)

Postby mdemaz » May 31st, '14, 11:02

Mathers wrote:
Emadyville wrote:
Horse wrote:this song is excellent. haven't heard it in a while. i should bump it. Bad Influence and Demon Inside are other goat tracks from that era.

good point. was bad influence on any album or soundtrack?

It was on the ''End Of Days'' Soundtrack.

I heard that movie was good.

I'll soon find out if it really is.
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Re: Any Man (Fuckin' Crazy)

Postby Mathers » Jun 2nd, '14, 23:34

mdemaz wrote:I
heard that movie was good.

I'll soon find out if it really is.

It is.
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Re: Any Man (Fuckin' Crazy)

Postby UofLCard » Jun 11th, '14, 02:54

The beginning of the third verse = :smoking:
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