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Crazy in Love

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Re: Crazy in Love

Postby Josh » Jul 21st, '14, 01:17

by far the worst song of encore is my 1st single
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Re: Crazy in Love

Postby Mr Evil » Jul 21st, '14, 01:20

joshimura wrote:by far the worst song of encore is my 1st single

It's utter shit but I listen to it a lot. Go figure
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Re: Crazy in Love

Postby slimmatters » Jul 21st, '14, 06:09

The song is good.... Not the worst on the album at all
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Re: Crazy in Love

Postby Shpongle » Jul 21st, '14, 11:58

Ok it's not THE worst, but one of the worst of the album, My First Single probably takes the crown though :D
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