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After 4 years.

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After 4 years.

Postby Gummybur » Jul 21st, '12, 20:23

I dropped out of school at 17 years old. I'm going on 22 and a month ago decided to just say "fuck it" and grab my G.E.D. It was insanely easy, I passed it first try. Everyone I knew told me you are never going to do it. I did it, and I got it. The only kick is, I feel no different. I always just called it a piece of a paper, its the same as a marriage. I guess I'll only see the difference when I'm not working as a cashier at CVS on the night shift. I just don't feel....I guess good about it? I don't know.

For anyone that has done that same and hasn't gotten their HS diploma yet. Just take the test, its very easy.

I'm just at loss of where to go at this point. I live in NY and I know 12-16 dollar an hour jobs are open to me now. But I just don't really know what to shoot for in terms of a new job. As well as a career I'd like to jump into. Anyone have a few words of wisdom?
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Re: After 4 years.

Postby Sam. » Jul 21st, '12, 22:03

Join a N.G.O, help in their services, earn goodwill and money. Seriously.
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