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Americans, where did u go to college?

Talk about what you have learned in school/college/university, and discuss with others.
Or you can simply talk negative about your teachers/boss.

Re: Americans, where did u go to college?

Postby classthe_king » Dec 13th, '12, 23:36

Willy wrote:I'm at Indiana University.. Class, you live pretty close.. let's meet up and battle. I'll bring my goons, you bring your goblins.

That shit would get uglier then the football game :laughing: ;)
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Re: Americans, where did u go to college?

Postby dead prez » Jan 9th, '13, 01:48

Cosh wrote:I'm a junior in High School. I'm currently looking at Penn State, St. Joseph's (where dead prez goes) and Villanova. I'm also striving for Princeton but it seems a tiny bit out of my reach at this point. Obviously I'd like to hear from other high school students too.

Old thread, but yeah if you do go to SJU just be aware that it's a bar school and you need a fake id to really enjoy yourself cause the house parties a lot of the time are pretty shitty, there are some rare ones that are alright though.
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Re: Americans, where did u go to college?

Postby UofLCard » Jan 9th, '13, 06:52

I'm a junior at Western Kentucky University.
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