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Rank Eminem's albums

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Re: Rank Eminem's albums

Postby Music_box » Nov 25th, '14, 19:02

Chazi wrote:Infinite is underrated as fuck

Yeah, people rank it below Recovery and Encore.
It's OK is better than Encore combined and better than anything on Recovery.
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Re: Rank Eminem's albums

Postby College Dropout » Nov 25th, '14, 21:24

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Re: Rank Eminem's albums

Postby Jaba » Nov 25th, '14, 22:51

The Eminem Show (my favorite album all time. No flaws. Love every song. Also my first Em album EVER. Classic)
The Marshall Mathers LP (Amazing album. I respect every song as a 10 for creativity. But some songs I just cant find myself getting into. For example, i dont really care for Kim. And Amityville is just ehh for me. I really cant stand Bizarre) Classic album
The Slim Shady LP (Classic, Vintage Slim. I find myself loving every song off this. Its 3rd because even tho i like more songs on this than MMLP, MMLP's good songs are just WAY fucking better. Classic)
Relapse/Refill (Em did what HE wanted to do on this. No radio shit or anything. Tbh sounds like an underground album. Fucking amazing. Em's most recent and 4th Classic IMO.)
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (why is this so low? because as an ALBUM. It is Eminems 5th Best. This shit has some of Eminems best songs EVER. Its just not as good as an ALBUM as his others. I feel he made some bad decisions (Rihanna, STIW, also coulda put Don’t Front, baby, Groundhog day on this) and if he would have arranged things better it could have been better as a whole. but for me. its more of a clash of songs that round out with a good ending for the album. Still amazing tho)
Hell: The Sequel (every song on this i love. Eminem was really finding himself again and helped him back into his second prime he started on relapse and continued on MMLP2. Royce does amazing on this as well and even outshines em on a few songs. Would be higher if they didnt compromise a few single songs (cough cough lighters/chorus's for take from me)
SHADYXV (some of Eminem's BEST material ever released here. He seems to have improved from the already amazing MMLP2 Eminem and has improved his flow and really everything since then. Yelawolf also did amazing on everything he did here, I also really enjoyed Skylar Greys singing in her verses on Twisted. A lot of great songs on here from everybody besides D12. This is ranked where it is because of D12's terrible song. And all Em's songs were 5/5 for me besides Die Alone, Die Alone was good but nothing too special. Also Yall Ready Know by SH wasnt anything special either. I loved this album and im glad they released it and i hope Eminem keeps going in this direction. This album also has made me SUPEr excited for Ems next project and Yelawolfs Love Story.
Devil’s Night(D12 is entertaining and some of their shit is fire. Ems verses are all fucking amazing. Even the songs he isnt on i can listen to just cus their funny and sometimes good in general)
8 Mile Soundtrack (some of eminems BEST material is on here. Including his best song. But, he only has 5 tracks on this and the rest of the material besides a few things (EX; Wanksta, R.A.K.I.M) the rest of this album isnt too great. Thats why as an album its lower, but its also above some of his albums because Ems material on this was top-notch 10/10 shit ya know what im saying? :p )
Encore (Gets a LOT of hate. But I enjoy this album. Not as good as his first three. But still enjoyable. And the bad songs, I can find enjoyment in whether its cus of the comedy or the sick beats)
Recovery (had some great songs. but it also had a lot of meant to be radio songs. also had a lot of corny lines. i still enjoy this album tho. em was just rushed and sorta confused on what to do, it was good for what it was for tho)
The Slim Shady EP (the tape that got em discovered. also every track on here is fucking great! the remastered versions on sslp are better tho.)
The Re-Up (Em delivered some good tracks on here. some you can tell he is way drugged up cus of his slurrs and shit. not classic and probs the worst time to release a shady compilation but whatever its fun to listen to and a good album)
D12 World (wasnt as good as first. also em verses were just ehhhh and d12 didnt do too well either)
Curtain Call (The new tracks) (only 3 new tracks, they were funny [fack], ok [when im gone], and ok [shake that])
Infinite (great lyrically. BUT, em hasnt found himself on this one. Sounds a lot like AZ, Nas, and Q-Tip)

Update: Added SHADYXV
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