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New Em is Scary...

Random talk about Eminem.
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Re: New Em is Scary...

Postby Jaba » Nov 22nd, '14, 23:01

Zarra wrote:Eminem is not human, confirmed with Shady XV

How many times does he have to tell you he is SUPERHUMAN :facepalm2

lol, but yeah em is doing amazing lyrically and pronouncing shit. Dude is out of this world. And his flow seems to keep getting better! If on his next solo album he improves more it'll be scary. And if his next is actually crafted as an album (if he ttys to do it, he said on mmlp2 he just did like songs) then it'll be a classic known by everyone
Singin' "Bagpipes from Baghdad" again
In my dad's drag draggin' a faggot in a Glad bag
Won't be the last time I make a dramatic entrance like that again
You thought I was lyin' when I said I think that I'm crossin' the line again
I've lost my mind, caution oh God I think I've just thought of another fucking line
Forgive me father, for I have sinned
But hip hop has left me brainwashed with a violent streak
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Re: New Em is Scary...

Postby Chris_Provoke » Nov 22nd, '14, 23:11

Zarra wrote:
Chris_Provoke wrote:
Melanie wrote:Rap god unlocked his inner rap god.
Now that it's out he can't put it back in.

Put it back in?

oh god,your sig :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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