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Why cant mmlp2 win any awards?

Random talk about Eminem.
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Re: Why cant mmlp2 win any awards?

Postby slimmatters » Nov 25th, '14, 16:51

Coz Em didn't perform on those award shows... He would have won something if he had agreed to perform
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Re: Why cant mmlp2 win any awards?

Postby TheBoss123 » Nov 25th, '14, 17:47

This has been said before but we probably care way more than eminem does.

Also I think what true wiz said was at least partially accurate. I think the majority of eminem fans are ones he's retained over the past 10 years or so. I'd also be willing to bet that most teenagers experiencing modern pop/ rap music in the same way we did enjoy eminem on some level. He just isn't the guy you typically play at parties or your standard pep rallies at schools and shit like that. So no one is sending their votes in.
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Re: Why cant mmlp2 win any awards?

Postby csw621 » Nov 25th, '14, 18:22

I was at an international airport yesterday and Crack A Bottle was playing on the loudspeakers. The term "Rap God" is already a part of rap lexicon. Em isn't going anywhere. Btw artist of the decade means through 2010, not 2002
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Re: Why cant mmlp2 win any awards?

Postby heisselhoff » Nov 25th, '14, 22:35

Cuz it's not shitty
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Re: Why cant mmlp2 win any awards?

Postby kkaniff » Nov 25th, '14, 22:51

Cos you niccas too cool to vote.
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