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If Eminem makes another sick LP, all is forgiven

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Re: If Eminem makes another sick LP, all is forgiven

Postby Hopsinshadie » Nov 28th, '14, 17:19

Mr. Porter wrote:So if we just throw Relapse in a blender with SSLP, MMLP, and TES, we'll like the album even more?
But won't that wreck the CDs?

That's true huh.... Hmmm.....

Well.... No but you can SANDWICH Relapse and Recovery in between great gems. So if the order went like this;
Slim Shady LP, Relapse, Encore, MMLP, TES, 8 Mile, Recovery, etc... Then it would be better. Of course not literally, this wouldn't make sense in this order, but it makes sense figuratively.
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