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What Belongs In This Sub-forum?

This sub-forum is for videos and footage, content regarding award shows and media, as well as the charting of albums, singles, etc.

What Belongs In This Sub-forum?

Postby dR3 » Nov 19th, '10, 23:24

Hi there guys, here's what belongs in this sub-forum:


Any kind of footage/video that includes Eminem, concert footage, live performances on tv shows and award shows, music videos, regular videos of him backstage, etc.

Award Shows

All award show threads. Anything from normal discussions about the award show, awards won, perfomances, etc.


All charting of albums, singles (past and present), all billboard news and yadayada, you see the picture.
Note: The Recovery Chart thread will be moved here and stickied untill it's no longer needed (for example if we have a new Eminem album up for sale).

Remember, the main forum rules apply in this section as well.

*Internet articles, lyrics, questions etc. should remain in the regular Eminem section, or chit chat.

If you have any questions, please PM either Menzo or Geno.

Thank you!
^Thanks Maybe.
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