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[Tash] Dollars To Change (The World) (Rap)

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[Tash] Dollars To Change (The World) (Rap)

Postby Tash8 » Jan 13th, '14, 07:04

Strong bass with a mellow piano, powerful drums and accoustic/electric guitars. ... -the-world
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Re: [Tash] Dollars To Change (The World) (Rap)

Postby BumShiv » Jan 27th, '14, 21:25

Tupac sample is dope, its really simple tho, like REALLY simple. The drum sounds aren't that great either. The piano is dope tho. That sine synth that comes in is ok, kinda throws it off a little bit. I'd say just try picking some better drum sounds and make the beat a little less boring, you're good tho good job.
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