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I need some help

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I need some help

Postby Never_Enough » Aug 16th, '14, 22:06

I wrote a concept song about an artist and this morning I finished chopping the beat so that I can use it. I'm getting the sample for the chorus mixed by a friend of mine but I'm still missing one thing.
At the very beginning of the track I want the audio of an artist screaming something like "Thank you for coming out" to the crowd.
I thought about using Em's Home & Home ending but I would like to avoid using anything Em related.
Any advices?
This is the beat I'm using (it's the original version). I want to put the "thank you" before the first kick: ... +-+197.mp3
Any clues?
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Re: I need some help

Postby leoswe » Aug 19th, '14, 20:29

So you're looking for a sample of any artist saying something like "Thank you for coming out"?
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