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Help (New Studio Setup)

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Help (New Studio Setup)

Postby TranSlucEnt » Sep 30th, '14, 03:51

So Ive been writing like crazy, and I really really want to record and get back into producing again. Years ago (2007-2010) I had a good setup that served my needs, but went through a 'uninterested' phase and sold it all. Now Im looking to build it back up again.

I need just suggestions/advice on getting a setup up and running again.
Here are some things to get you guys going

- I'm looking to spend $700-$1000
- Looking to get the basics: Monitors, Interface, Mic/stand/pop filter and isolation panel, MIDI Keyboard and Pad, and maybe a cheap control surface, and most importantly, a good DAW
- For DAWs, I'm leaning towards Logic Pro X, or Reaper 4. Never really got into Ableton that much, Pro Tools is too expensive at this point in time. Reason is a possibility too.
- MICROPHONE: between $100-$300 good quality condenser type.
- HEADPHONES: Suggestions? I used to own a pair of $100 Sennheisers.
- INTERFACE: Looking at M-Audio Mtrack

Alright so there you go.

Any suggestions and/or advice? Anything is welcome :y:
Also, if you want to post your studio equipment list you may. I always like seeing what people use.
Oh and if any of you had any experience with any of the DAWs I mentioned feel free to tell me your experience.

Thanks all :y:
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