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T.R. Shady Tape Freestyle/Written

T.R. Shady Tape Freestyle/Written

Postby Wreck » Jun 23rd, '13, 08:10

Idk if this needs a LOF since it's apart of the tape, but if so, MODs, let me know plz. Thanks. Feed is appreciated

I come with drastic measures, I'll fuck her ass with pleasure
I'm done with rats, I'll sever, any of these cat with cheddar
They say, "Oh Wreck, you're sadistic"
I said, bitch, check the statistics
This is just my second visit
And I'm already pessimistic
Cause you give me the most vivid, sickest thoughts
Check out the thinnest clip I bought
That I'll use as time to kill
I nuk'em Duke, I mine-as-well
My fuckin sinuses aren't fine, they will
be in time, all my lines are ill
Verse filled with nasty punches, like Hot Pockets with nasty meat
Afterwards, I trash these sheets, after I rap on these beats
My lines on paper, they fill up tables like a coke habit
I smoke hash and dro, the dramatics I won't have it though
Hit you with my hardest punches, like Ali in his prime
Lyrically, I probably constantly volley all these rhymes
Coming with heat, done with the sheet
Running from beats, I think I'll have some fun in the heat
Done with New Jers, gonna kill me two birds
with one stone, but I'm not grown, the fuck have you heard?
Most of y'all don't know me, people take kindness for weakness
it's a science, I teach this, defiance? no, it's shyness, so peep this
My Beats Page- ... 08?fref=ts
My Debut Album- Life or Death- Coming Soon
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