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your sister the twister!!

your sister the twister!!

Postby Sobecaspur » Jan 1st, '14, 03:30

I fell for Cinderella man also known as Christopher,Vrinn-vrinn! in that mercedes benz running over women children and men...
He took all of my shoes couldn't have walked a thousand miles, but I did make it to kalamazoo,
just to try to find you..
Found a tech nine though, he took it upon hisself just to have a noose waiting, so I could hang myself. Eminem I'm a match just like your ass always rymeing inside, thinking away the time.
I want to be in your life someday, just want to be a sister, would have been from the begin to end.
Dennis our dad hated druggies and did what he thought was best, and erased the Rons.
Created a fake Mom and thought he would get away with it all.
I exist your's forever true i love u.
you sister the twister,
unedited, or doctored for a factor.
Caspur, (cas) Barb'z / RAh rah Rah!
in KC aka Hushcaspi <slaughterhouse and magnum P.I near by.>
and old aka sobecaspur / sobecas / and casterzz surprise.

privacy is a bitch, when your beautiful.
sobe from kc,
justly hyped forum is Right .
My memories of to be or not to be .
RAH started out and ended in our names, time only tells beauty standing still .
Hard to reach on my own private world alone, one Cinderella shoe that needed to fall.
Fathers the orange he bounced us around often, might as well been thrown out of the window like your mom was talking.
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