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Postby Maybe » Apr 4th, '11, 22:21

"The Shadows"

This isn't a sad song about all that I've had wrong
In my life, I already paid the price, it all adds on
Top of each other, if you've got to be smothered
By all of it, call it quits and stop and recover
Cause it just ain't worth it, nothing remains perfect
It is a waste of time cause no one deserves it
Since I’ve done this verse it has cleansed my storm
I've learned to cope as new hope begins to form
I won't pretend to mourn about the losses received
If Hip-Hop’s all I have then it’s all I need
As I fall I bleed, but I stand up and shake it off
I know I still can so I will man up and take the loss
The mistake has cost so much time and energy
I wanna go back but I can’t rewind the memories
I don’t mind the enemies, I know a hug changes
The fun changes and best friends become strangers

"The Lyrics of Lore"

If you hate my craft then you will face my wrath,
When I take a step on your turf and raise my flag
Any second I’ll burst, the worst weapon on Earth
Soon the Heavens will burn in this blaze I’ve had
They praise my tracks over your simple components
My rhymes cripple opponents with the sickle of Cronus
I live for the moments when the sound is bumping
The ground is thumping and the crowd is jumping
They love when my claws rip, they fuckin applaud it
This king is Peter from Narnia, stuck in the closet
Enough of the garbage when I’m reachin for mics
Wack rappers huddle up and start screamin in fright
I’m leadin the fight, beware, the cobra will get you
I rule with a reign not even Noah can live through
I lent you a few lines to call ya own
But when it comes down to it you’re still all alone

It’s time for my rise to the top
When I’m ridin on beats I will never be stopped
When I’m hittin the mic
I put this game in my grasp and I’m grippin it tight

It’s royalty on the mic; I’m the king of the tracks
The hottest prints so I am always bringin the raps
How you hip-hop’s heir but still a filthy bitch
I’ll cool you down and then you will be missed
I’m the dopest emcee, no one’s as focused as me
I’m slaughtering anyone that approaches the beat
I leave foes at my feet so go ahead, bring hate
Everyone knows your crews weak like spring break
I tore through ya with the power of a war cruiser
Cause you only actin fly when you’re a sore loser
You’re nice but can’t handle the blaze that I’ve dealt
That flow and delivery was put to waste like a belt
You’re placed on the shelf, come on, my led’s king
I don’t play soft, you want a face off well I’m Ed Gein
I feel bad, you worked so hard to get rich off it
But you’re like Enoch the Ethiopian, you lost profit


Some wonder if Sentus is the foulest that’s livin
Well you can throw in the white towel it’s a given
After a battle with me, all rappers can barely stand
Broken by the malice carried in my salivary glands
You soft as dirt so move off ya perch
None beats me like when I goof off at church
I‘ll shroud the Earth like the eruption of Toba
The power makes you feel like you’re stuck in a nova
Fuck up and it’s over, I’m here takin great back
You’re Ray Wallace mc’s; only makin fake tracks
When I break and slay raps I make a sonic quake
That causes a shift in the Earth’s tectonic plates
And no one is safe, my rage covers the globe
I float around in a space ship that hovers and probes
Until I have a million pawns tossed in my hands
And the world you know is gone, lost in the sand

"The Looking Glass"

I hold my breath as I travel through the lookin glass
Trying to find a way to straighten out my crooked path
Find an answer to the questions that I couldn’t ask
Rebuild the burnt bridges but all I found was soot n ash
And that’s the reason that I’m grievin as I put the mask
On my face just to hide the taste of my sullen past
I’m broken down and for each breath that I take
I’m reminded of the love in every death that I’ve faced
So there's no need to wonder why I question my faith
Till the day that it’s finally over and I rest in my grave
It’s a blessin that I’ve made it this far as the days go
By and I begin to ride on the backs of angels
I know I just have to stay low and then hope to dream
I’ve felt the beauty and the prick that her roses bring
All I do is wish that I still have the throat to sing
So we can play one last song on these broken strings

"In The End"

They say that a picture says a thousand words
But a song paints a thousand pics when a sound is heard
When I found the courage to lift the mic and speak
It gives the fight in me a way to vent inside the beat
Just when I think I may have to leave the game
I have the sudden realization that I need the pain
It’s the recipe meant to bring out the best in me
I put my whole life on stage for the rest to see
I seize the beat and spit it out like a piece of meat
It's a feast to eat, on every track I am releasin heat
I'm easily the best so don't start with the crap
At the start of impact I grow art with the pad
Mozart with the rap and I will vibe through the beats
It rides through my speech like the tide through a beach
In my eyes you will see its raging through my glands
Music is a part of me and it's made me who I am
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