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Postby Maybe » Apr 4th, '11, 23:13

Quick to criticise criminals but not the system that creates them
Start thinking sending them to pen is when any debate ends
Interrogate immigrants insisting that it's "our country"
But accept them when they're needed, delivering your lunch (jeez)
Sitting their comfy, "Oi love, pass us The Sun please"
And your seething with every word, unaware it's a dumb read
"This isn't even funny, every paki is scum, taking our money!"
And the twisted 'facts' seem to back up your attack
This ignorant view, not based on any 'sickening truth'
Just a shitty excuse for you to sit and abuse
"I'm not racist but..." - course you are, don't try and deny it
It's like saying "I'm not an arsonist, I just like to light shit"
Media start it with words, turning issues of races into tension
Government adding fuel to the fire, giving no space or intervention
Facing to more tension and in the process more criminals
Back to the start of this cycle, where no-one wins at all

If it's underground it's 'dope', if it's mainstream it's 'wack'
Signed to a big label? You're tame team is crap
Unless you spit on the grimiest beats
And use "minute lower extremity of the vertebrate leg"
.... instead of "tiniest feet"
Then you're not 'real hip-hop' and your CD will suck
Sold 200K? B'lieve me, its luck
If you don't mention illuminati or scientific combustion
I don’t wanna hear your song; rhymes horrific, no question
I don't care if it's deep and inspires the youth
It's got a Dre beat and 'it don’t fire da trooth'
About 9/11 - Bush did it, ya know?
I know it’s a fact cus Immortal T say so
40-multies per verse? Lyrics insane, son
"But I've heard better imagery in a Gucci Mane song
And the concept is dull, storytelling's not there"
It don't matter lol, cus it's bullshit about Tiananmen Square
And some dude on YouTube said 'He's a lyrical god, son'
So I repeated that shit on
I don’t know what he means but it'll make a tip top thread
Let's hope someone replies "You a real hip-hop head"

One minute you wanted me, the next you were looking away
One minute you 'loved me', the next you were fucking my mate
It fucking frustrates me to see you ducking the hate
Then crying to ya girls when its chucked in your face
You wanted me to gamble my heart for this "fate"?
I'd rather put a grand on roulette, number eight
It's just as fucking risky and I know less will be lost
I'm guessing I'm soft cus I've turned to a mess, left to rot
While you're out getting smashed, high off sess and the pot
It depresses me lots, while you stay at home resting: "So what?"
I stayed with you while you were weaving your cheap little lies
Said you loved me and I was believing your weeping and cries
Went on for 6 months til I started to peep in ya disguise
Why I am so down about a girl who sweeped into my life
And pushed on my heart so much it leaped back out my spine
Why I am letting you make me cry and weep all the time?
I hate you so much for everything you've put me through
But the worst part of it all? I still cant help but love you...

It's all or nothing as the ball spins round, it carries my fate
(I shouldn't have done this but my god, now it's too late)
I jump in the air as the ball lands right onto the red
(Fall to the floor, it's black and I might as well be dead)
Run out the casino, rush to phone my wife and my kids
(Cant face my wife, should I just end my life in a ditch?)
A Ferrari, a mansion, a cruise; all these sights are a bliss
(In a youth hostel, thoughts of putting a knife to my wrists)
Why should I quit? Might as well keep splashing the cash
(Lifes an abyss, not a penny, all I can flash is this gash)
Been on holiday twice already, my god, love all this luxury
(Been in hospital twice today, doctors think they can fuck with me)
1000 bucks a week in town, friends are saying 'you're changing'
(Docs help me get better, got a job and have started core training)
Wife wants to leave; with my cash, I wont accept that... ever
(Met up with my wife, she wants us to get back together)

Chorus (x2)
Gambling your money
Your gambling your life
And just cus you win
Doesnt mean you'll be right

Wife has walked out with the kids but I know she'll be back
(Life seems so sorted, back with my wife and kids in a flat)
Sick of this cash, got no friends, families moved to London
(Got a promotion and my training has got proof of funding)
Moneys running out, no job and I need my damn kids
(My sons first day at school, will never leave this, it's bliss)
Can't pay my bills or my rent, the repo man said that he's coming
(My wife's pregnant and it's a little girl that's led in her stomach)
I'm sleeping on the streets and I'm begging for any petty cash
(Starting a saving bond, small amounts a week I set back)
Too much pride to get help, all I do is beg; no hood, I dont eat
(Trainings coming to an end, soon I'll be registered to help teach)
I walk past the casino, struggle all the way to the back of the pier
(I pass my training, get a pay rise, might as well grab a few beers)
Stand on the edge, turn round, then jump all the way back
(See the casino, turn round, "Let's lump a few quid on black")

Chorus (x2)
Gambling your money
Your gambling your life
And just cus you win
Doesnt mean you'll be right
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