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Tag Team Tournament 2011

Tag Team Tournament 2011

Postby Spyder » Nov 16th, '11, 21:18

Tournament Host: Spyder Judges: Spyder, Sam, *name*, Poster: Spyder
Runners-Up: Zabe & Man1x Champions: Geno & JamaicanPattlez

I want to personally think everyone involved with this tournament, this is my first time hosting a tag team or Cw tournament and i think it went well. I want to first thank all the participants who signed up and dropped a verse, all but one of you did and that is great. I would also like to thank Sam and Name for their votes, being timely and fair is what made the matches move on :y:


Round 1 - Self Hype Round 2 - Hardships Round 3- Horrorcore


My punchlines and Metaphores are edible
So when I give u a knuckle sandwitch it'll make u hurl
In otherwords u can't stand it,SIT DOWN
Mother fucker ur not ready like a lucid dream with Freddy
Jackson I mean micheal Jackson touching ur back, son
Atone got no backbone that's why he sounds gay
Bnutz got no nuts that's why he's gay
Me trimms are like an AK we just spray

Ayo Atone.. I got a lovely girl, a cool life and no chicks issue
You live in a lonely world with a rude wife who cheated you
You ain't livin' no hood life though you knew why your chick played wit'you*
And stealing a friend's date ain't something Trimss would do*1
That bitch should knew chosing B.Nutz ain't a good thing to do
You fool think you can see my indi dude, he would eat you like spicey food*3
Both sick dickheads givin' you headaches when our lyrics are spewed,
Prick head, being perfect is all that takes to win against the 8 bars crew


Lyrically i'm rugged you unable to fuck with
whenever i bust this, it's must that i crush this
hush lips- listen as i come in and touch this
magically i leave my opponets laid out
grew up a battle emcee, everybody else should of stayed out
cuz when i get my shine, everybody else gonna fade out
my own demons are the same reason i'm on this mic breathin
i stepped up to wreck em, and gave my life meaning

Life meaning, I spent My night's cleaning the streets that I adore,
Light's Gleaming, I bent my mighty demons, Beat em all and more,
Came back from rehab, In better shape than before,
Now I flame track's, Got so many Dates galore,
Make these gay wack's buy my Cd's out the store,
I spit fire and lighting, Crush the shit like Thor,
Or Zeus, Now I'm working for a degree,
Something to fall back on when I crush thee with ease.
K-O to the ground in the first round & you're bound
to make a sound like a bitch that doesn't want to be found
'Cause when I'm done your mom wouldn't even kiss you
And I'm far too pissed to let it go and not diss you
Me & Lello crushing the competition to the bottom while we hover
I killed my last opponent, don't really know why he bothered
Guess I'ma sit tight on this throne watching ya'll kill each other
So don't count on this heir to help, you will be smothered

I have skill more mythi-cal than detox
lyrically I need props, shallows envy my deep thought
Fuck a beat, I can spit while I beat box
I ain't afraid of your cheap shots,I crush you till your knee pops
I turn this shit upside down like I'm yelling out "freeze cops"
our sixteen drops, people in deep shock
high voltage!! "Big Bangin" on you cheap socks
let the dream stop, I'm harder then virgin teen cocks, laughing while your team flops!


Look how far I've come in such a short time
I had to improve because your pants were bunching for rhymes
I know you were all thinking, "could he rap?"
Me and Manîx crushed the game by making your booty clap
Remember my battle against Spyder? That was horrible
I took about 4 months to improve, now I'm the oracle
I'm actually happy that I'm rapping in my night dreams
Now I'll let Manîx continue with my rhyme scheme

Time's split by the seams, I've written my dreams
Positioned to preach, our mission's to teach
Me and Zabe, we are like piss in the stream
Your lips sip the unclean drips from the sea
Just kiss defeat, pain filled cords can't be beat
Dripping elite rains of words that we breath
Gripping the beat, pain just morphs back to peace
Shivering we drain our cores, no defeat
I turn to your girlfriend, claim I've slept with finer
Pounded wet vagina like a wreckless driver crashing into a breakfast diner
That's 'cause I'm hungry and when I'm fuelled there might be fits
You're slightly pissed that I'm King of the Ring like Stone Cold in ninety six
& likely this is getting kind of wild, a war is on
We'll leave this battle crowned and you'll complain as if the scores are wrong
No rap or track record, I use intellect to spray and vent
Whilst going off like Kramer went in this first round main event

TJ & Hesky just shitted-on-the-opposition
Got the other crews "splitting"-like-a-Dahmer-victim
Spitting-like-our-jaws-are-missing, so better-listen-closely
To us y'all are "prey", get-a-freaking-rosary
Razorsharp lyrics, going way-above-your-scalp
Y'all wacker then Chris Brown teaching JB-how-to-rap
So stop the bullshit-and-run-away
'cause if you don't, you'll-see-the-gunmen-spray


Geno=Bold Jamaican = Non Bolded
When I drop a rhyme you rappers look astonished in this,
I begin to body bitches when I start to vision sickness,
With the pen, I'm illest with it, finish with another sentence,
You're locked behind bars, but your syllables are non-existant

It's a mission to be a hindrance, and admit it, you're offended!
I'm enlisted to the business, and with it, my chores are ended,
Ten months ago, I said "I want to be a rapper",
Seven months of gold now carved me to a master,
Now sparked by all my passion I'm more heartless than assassins,
Takin' bark out battle rappers when I bite them in their caskets,

I'm such a bastard, I laugh at your wack lacked flow,
You know, it goes to show I deserve that throne.
And you'll get served back home, with spurred snapped bones,
You'll get burned in your sternum like a nerd that's blown.
You differ to loose hope, you won't be matchin' these multies,
Truth splinters in brute force, unknown to Man and he's sulky.
Bolded - Mr. DGAF, Not - Ka0t1c
You need to multiply your I.Q. by two for half of mine
Then nullify your nice shoes n tight moves, you're crap alright?

We believe no alibis, go write new haikus while we rap our rhymes
Then divide your life, might you choose to ask us twice?
Once will suffice my dude, why'd you do the assinine?
It isn't right, my boots must try to stomp your ass tonight

Now say your last goodbyes, truth is, we aint so nice
We are the masterminds who ginsu slice as samarais, better recognize
Behind masks we won't hide as we grab the mic extra tight to amplify
Let the laughter rise, chatter subsides when i excercise how vets cannabalise
Test us why? Watch the ashes rise while we're blastin high, bastards die
That's a sacrifice of minds unanalyzed, classified to satisfy satanic vibes
We're happy, cry, we never stand to plagurize, rather sodomize
You can apologize, still we'll vandalise by cracking spines

And blackened eyes til we feel sanctified for our lack of times
we sever ties from satellites and camera spies to justify our tragic crimes


Fuck TR man I'm motherfucken rapping through a rubbish bin,
you faggots can keep talking trash and then you go and fuck with sin,
you're all going to hell, yell when I cast a spell of death on you,
you guys will probably mumble chaos with all the hardcore meth you use,
get off my nuts you sluts you bitches you're all bloody full of shit,
lyrical enema gettin' ya pouring on you while you fucken pull your dick,
"blah blah I don't give a fuck" yet you'll be shook, the last to spit,
even if I lose this you'll be the first to find what ass to kiss.

Have you ever felt the hardships weighing on your shoulders?
Man, I tell you, I melt from positives staying in my holster,
Not too long ago, I lived in the North of Chicago,
And I know how it feels to be broke, and man, yo, it got cold,
Imagine living in a one-bedroom ghetto apartment,
Can you vision a hundred truths and some yellow retardants?

Yeah, I bet it was garbage, nearly going from the cradle to the grave,
Feel like your angels are away when you're complacent when you're 8,
Never playing, never ate, the bully's hate would escalate,
And they say you exaggerate when you claim it wasn't great,
But face it, there's no way that I woulda got passed it,
If I didn't practice tactics to avoid gettin' my ass kicked,
And I would mask my emotions, cause they said I was fake,
But can you really take your words and fuckin' plunge them with stakes?

So to all those fuckers I hate, I got one thing to say,
I'm only something today 'cause you got up in my face,
So fuck you.


You couldn't step into my shoes, you'd wanna cut off your feet
You would forget about your blues, you're gonna see some deceit
Close to defeat, my dad abused a bottle if he had a problem
Have to swallow, grin and bear it, wouldn't care, it left me hobbled
Momma wallowed in her grief, so dad would beat her till she ceased
Only relief was in my sleep, I'd wish and pray to be at peace
To my disbelief, my dreams were breached by a bleeding screech
Time has seeped into the creaks, a broken home lays underneath

i was born at home instead of a hospital and my bed was the floor
also i wore old clothes when i was little from hand me down stores
my family lived next door to a killa and my dad was a drug lord
still tho, it's bad being poor, i headed towards any children's bicycle
if they'd ever ignore, i'd steal, fight, bite, even cripple
i never liked feelin bored, before 5, i almost lost my sight by a pitbull
and you'd like to know more, well, i'm not right in my mental
war fire fights ignite a higher level, so my life's not quite that simple
Get out the fucking sweetcorn, it's time to make a love song
Except it's about bitches who don't know why they made it go wrong
First they play you, like an instrument, like a puppet on a string
But it arouses you, it's just instinct, cause you're loving this little fling
Sometimes girls aren't grateful, but what you get is what you see
But my friends are just hateful, the misogyny's rubbing off on me
Then it passes to Manîx, without him even realising he's changing
What love does a man get? If I ever have a real wife, she'll be raging

She made me blind, feeling caged in, so what love do I get?
Nothing I bet, the pain peals in seething strains in my brain
I feel shaken with shame, there's just no breaks in her games
Hate shows in her gapping eyes draped in saintly red frames
Gains grow with my pain, sin shapes my slave bonds of blame
Days turn to grey so should I let go of this fucking love?
Burning blazes blow in my eyes, shedding the sins from my blood
She was once my one to love, now we are FUCKING DONE!


So you want 8 bars of how i been crushed
brushed off and had enough of fake lust
heartbreak, love, rushed MAN I'M SICK OF THE PAIN
these girls keep playin, i'm so sick of the shame
they so quick with the blame but these bitches get lame
Lie to me, cheatin and sleepin with creeps with ease
fuck em, i don't need these hoes and their STD'S

Man, This bitch dumped me, went to her Ex Next Day,
I wasn't a fan, Heart thumping, Told him to Erect Away,
Hard stand? It's like an 8, Tried to Dissect my fate,
Heart ran away, I decided to Resurrect My Date,
Next day, I elected to Knock on her door,
"Sex" , Hey, Maybe I'll drop my Cock on her floor,
Walk in, this fucking chump is Rocking the whore,
In electric bath I jump, Shocking my chords.

Geno -Bold JP-Reg
I wake up strapped to a chair, and the room is dark and eerie,
A voice says "start the screening", but from noise I'm hard of hearing,
He said "Do you want to play a game?" Who the hell is this guy!?
"The loser's robbed of better fate, win and we'll let this slide",
Naturally I scream "Alright, fine, but what's the catch!?"
"Fastened to your seat a live wire's plugged to your head,"
Bastard thinks I'm weak, I will try surviving instead.
I'll pass whatever feat, "you might have life in you yet,
You must pull the lever on your left, or die in four minutes,
You'll be severed at the neck by knives on short triggers,
Please don't scream for help, or your feet will get sliced"
I foresee some peace in hell and I can feel it tonight.
"This is punishment for each and every sin in your life,
Even the littlest lies would leech and get you to cry"
Fuck! I don't even care.. I'm leaving this room, that's final.
"But no peace will get through, on the evening of doom, so try it"


Zabe (Adam) & Manîx (Lawrence)
"Wait a minute, the guy's got your wife and kids?!
Oh shit, we're gonna die, but you might just live"
"Stop, don't fight chain's, my tape said 'You fight to live'
I feel slight pain. Shit, he's dead! Dude… shot in bliss
Dude's got my kids, you the next hit, no other route--
I found a phone powered down, Yo, your sure loud"

"Answer it, then, so we can get the fuck out
I'm scared shitless man, I can't calm, I'm stressed out"
"My home called, my wife's found, FUCK! Hand the sledge"
"What, you crazy?! You just can't save them
Without a limb, mate, two can bust out and raid them"
"I'm thrustin' hand blades in this grounded limb, SHIT!!!
Must muster strength and gain help, please just stop nagging' "

"Don't leave me here, something's gonna happen
The bloodied ground left to stare, I can hear running, tappin'!!!..."
...He was left in there dead by the John, chained in his fear

~The last line isn't Lawrence it's from the perspective of a third person omniscient narrator.
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