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CanadaPure/Painkiller vs. bigray/Supershade [R1-TTT]

CanadaPure/Painkiller vs. bigray/Supershade [R1-TTT]

Postby Eedee » Jan 26th, '13, 07:06

CP/Painkiller verse

Yo' CP you ready to start writing for the competition?
I'm fixin' to write about bitches in missionary positions
C'mon man that shit is wack. You can go fuck yourself
What was that?! I said look at that, a trucks for sale
I was on just Craigslist looking hard for a new partner
Let's face it, I need someone whos willing to spew harder
You spit so few bars you could ghost write for the Detox album
Seem soft, seldom seem strong, you got fleas dog?
How come
It's always gotta be this way? And you never wanna hear what I gotta say
Never take my beats into consideration, When you change, that'll be the day

The fuck's wrong with you? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?
I Always do what you wanna do, Shutting down my ideas of a new song to do

I just wanna pen this cypher, so hop your little menstraul cycle,
And peddle into the night or help me win our eventual title.

You really wanna win? Yeah. Well then let me tell you this
All you rap about is sexing and killing bitches, Huh, is that a diss?
Yo, shut the fuck and listen, we need to get really introspective
Jump on the record, and then have our ideas spin connective,

Maybe it'd be best if we just withdrew from this whole contest
Naw, bitch. The competition is weak, we got this to be honest.
We should slow down, you know? I don't wanna get blown out.
seriously cp quit whining like a bitch, fix that and we'll win no doubt
Your mentality ain't killer, what you're missing, man, is more grit.

You know what Painkiller? What? I think we just killed this shit (Haha)




Yo, its bigray teaming up with Shade, like Osama n Saddam we crazed
Killing you was the only option, staring at the stars seen the moon watchin'

Hopped in to erase your face with rays razorblades
The Rays of Shade will darken anyone’s day
Our venomous ways invade everyone’s space
Shade leaves em as wet as-can-be with weapon sprays

Im sick of them thinkin they better-than-me
Who are they kiddin your not-gonna-be

So much shit on my chest i’ll need a shovel
Shots stick to my vest you’re in trouble

The Cannabis manages to cope with the stress
Smoke sess before it vanishes lungs to your chest

Leave you disfigured, I hit quicker than a switch hitter
Rip you grinning then hang you next to my fifth picture, I’m Sinnin’

Thinkin im a get it forget it your not winnin’
From the beginnin they be Gilligan’s and ill be killin them in
Ill take a machete rip open your belly then sew it again

Drown you in special cider while brandishin a breathalyzer
Handin my bitch the tech i advise ya to step aside brah

Leave you pussies marinated, AK 47 barricaded
I’m so irritated for being incarcerated, my vision was invaded
For being in jail getting interrogated, shit was hell but accommodated

I made it, Left shouting; “hit em! Splat em!”
With words equipped to split an atom


[5] Chemistry (How well did they work together. Important for this round)
[3] Rhyming/Multis
[2] Complexity (How complex were the thoughts/rhyme schemes?)
[1] Flow
[1] Vocabulary (Word choice and lexicon)
[1] Structure (How presentable and easy to read was the verse?)
[1]* WOW! Factor (A particular phrase or rhyme that stood out)
* This point can be added at judge's discretion, but is not mandatory.

Note: By writing to a beat, flow can be better achieved and may help the judges vote for the Flow point.
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Re: CanadaPure/Painkiller vs. bigray/Supershade [R1-TTT]

Postby Trimss » Jan 26th, '13, 22:45

[5] Chemistry:

CanadaPure and PainKiller, obviously. They actually worked together and created a funny and original piece of work. The back and forth was good, and dissing each other was pretty funny and well thought.

[3] Rhyming/Multies

CanadaPure and Painkiller had better rhymes, I feel like Bigray is still a beginner so that might be it.

[2] Complexity: Both.

[1] Flow:

I actually thought Bigray and Supershade had a better flow, it was simple yet cool. It's just my opinion, but I thought it was flowed better.

[1] Vocabulary: None of you guys had amazing vocabulary or anything so 1 point to both.

[1] Structure: It was easier to read CP and PainKiller's verse.

So.. 12 - 4
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Re: CanadaPure/Painkiller vs. bigray/Supershade [R1-TTT]

Postby SG. » Jan 27th, '13, 09:27

[5] Chemistry:

Canada Pure and Painkiller, no fucking contest. Kinda reminds me of the Denaun/Kuniva back and forth back in the day.

[3] Rhyming/Multis:

Canada Pure and Painkiller. Bigray and Supershadie's were a bit simplistic.

[2] Complexity:

CanadaPure and Painkiller.

[1] Flow:

Bigray and Supershadie. I had a tendency to get lost in CP and PK's verse.

[1] Vocabulary:

Bigray and Supershadie (although I feel it was kinda forced).

[1] Structure:

CP and Painkiller.

My vote: CP/PK 11-2 Bigray/Supershadie
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Re: CanadaPure/Painkiller vs. bigray/Supershade [R1-TTT]

Postby Emadyville » Jan 27th, '13, 21:19

Chemistry 5-CP/PK
Multis 3-CP/PK
Chemistry 2-CP/PK
Flow 1-CP/PK
Vocab 1-BR/SS
Structure 1-CP/PK
Wow 1-CP/PK for just making the two come together so well and tell a story, which ended cool too.

almost a whitewash CP/PK win 13-1
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