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Geno/Menzo vs. SliK/CrashBand [R2-TTT]

Geno/Menzo vs. SliK/CrashBand [R2-TTT]

Postby Eedee » Feb 9th, '13, 06:41


Yo G, that party last night was absolutely retarded
After you, me and those bar chicks left for Lui’s apartment
Those roofies hit hard, quick and my memory’s too blurred to recall shit

I heard you were causin' havoc, smashed, all swervin' with your car, kid,
You had bourbon mixed with vodka! You're an alcoholic!

A bit of gin and tonic and a little hit of chronic didn’t spark a problem man
But this the part that’s awesome, it’s ‘bout a chick I saw and wanted

But the bitches hoppin' on in your car?
I thought they were dolls, did you drop them all off?

No, you God gifted cock lickin’ fucker, come on!
We were back at Lui’s place now, music boosted way loud
Unusually spaced out, tryna make a move
Cuz I knew she wouldn’t wait ‘round

Say now that you mention it, I remember this,
I was checkin' the specimen next to me, she was elegant,
She suggested we never left,
this dame sounds desperate
Anyways, I went with this sexy chick to get a sip
Of liquor, I was tempted just to kiss her
But instead I crept and whispered,
“Think it’s best we stick together”

That is what this chick had mentioned to me!
Can you believe it, we pledged our allegiance
And got to sexually pleasin' eachother,
Swept off her feet as she fluttered onto my penis, I fucked her,

Ha, you’re a demon, she suffer? Mine was a freak, I discovered
I said I needed a rubber but insisted that she had it covered
She lifted me on her stomach and then proceeded to plunge her
Finger deep in my butt, struck with disbelief,
I'm disgusted
But what's weird is when we got to fuckin', she just screamed "Geno I love it!"
We did no greeting or nothin’
Oh Jesus, we mustn’t ever reference this man...
So, sex once again?
Hah! Get in the van!


Unfortunately, SliK/CrashBand have dropped out due to an accident in SliK's family. Geno/Menzo win a pass to the finals in what would have been a great battle. Well wishes to SliK and his family.
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