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Eedee - "The Epiphany EP" (Covers + Tracklist)

Eedee - "The Epiphany EP" (Covers + Tracklist)

Postby Eedee » Mar 18th, '13, 06:23

(Cover credit: Mat Demaz)

01. Can't Stay Here (Prod. by Spence Mills)
02. A Good Day ft. Mike Murdoch (Prod. by Sinima Beats)
03. Crashes (Prod. by Sinima Beats)
04. I'm Through ft. Yamwise (Prod. by YamJamz)
05. Listen (Prod. by MickeyMontz)
06. Spoke Too Soon (Prod. by Mat Demaz)
07. Forever And Always (Prod. by RockItPro)
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