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12 at Night - Collab?

12 at Night - Collab?

Postby Jaba » Apr 22nd, '14, 21:14

Looking to do a collab to be featured on my album and/or be put onto that TR album. IF you want to collab reply here or msg here. If you want to hear the beat first (or my first verse) msg here or PM and I'll show you it. It's not done yet, I need another persons verse to fully mix the song. So, please reply!
Singin' "Bagpipes from Baghdad" again
In my dad's drag draggin' a faggot in a Glad bag
Won't be the last time I make a dramatic entrance like that again
You thought I was lyin' when I said I think that I'm crossin' the line again
I've lost my mind, caution oh God I think I've just thought of another fucking line
Forgive me father, for I have sinned
But hip hop has left me brainwashed with a violent streak
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