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The Mythos EP - (Snippet Released + NEW NEWS POSTED)

Re: The Mythos EP - (Snippet Released)

Postby Eedee » Oct 12th, '14, 02:41

Jaba wrote: (Voices' beat is extremely hard to rap to, I'm sure anybody who tries would agree).

Challenge accepted :smoking:
mdemaz wrote:dam
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Re: The Mythos EP - (Snippet Released)

Postby Jaba » Oct 25th, '14, 02:33

Updated news -

I have started focusing on the LP more, and it has taking a different direction. So the EP will be like 4 to 6 songs (havent decided which 1s yet) and those will be on the LP, rest will be scrapped.

EP should be out sometime in November.

Also, new single "Back To The Rhyme" coming soon.
Singin' "Bagpipes from Baghdad" again
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Re: The Mythos EP - (Snippet Released + NEW NEWS POSTED)

Postby mdemaz » Oct 25th, '14, 05:24

Better get back to the rhyme.

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