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Chet Starr - OneNightOnePipeOneMixTape (2009)

Chet Starr - OneNightOnePipeOneMixTape (2009)

Postby Chet Starr » Jun 6th, '11, 23:53

1. Beastie Beef
2. Flashing Lights
3. Strung Out ... ixtape.rar

This was meant only for Omar and John, but here it is. It's bad, painful, and was loads of fun to make. Caution

I don't want feed, but I don't wanna break the nice rules we got so, link of feed

Love you Kez
Chet Starr
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Role Model
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Re: Chet Starr - OneNightOnePipeOneMixTape (2009)

Postby Robbie G » Jun 7th, '11, 00:32

She took my weed, I need my weed :laughing:

These were dope man, shitty quality but they made me smile.

Also Omar looks like a penis on the cover...
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Robbie G
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