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Sticcy Z - Grunge Rapz

Sticcy Z - Grunge Rapz

Postby Chet Starr » Jul 11th, '11, 11:10


(Spelling By Sticcy Z)
1) This is The End
2) Close My Eyes (featuring PK)
3) My demon My Angel (Featuring Big Ax-D)
4) Joke's On You
5) Hate me
6) Trippin Out My Mind (featuring PK)
7) I Will Fullfly
8) Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Featuring Mark Nichols)
9) 1 Mic
10) Sticcy Planes
11) I need some head
12) Self Sacrifise
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Re: Sticcy Z - Grunge Rapz

Postby B.A.D. » Jul 14th, '11, 19:42

a mutha-fhuckin classic :worship:
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Re: Sticcy Z - Grunge Rapz

Postby Maybe » Jul 24th, '11, 15:55

One of my favorite albums ever posted here. I made that cover son!

Too bad Sticcy is gone. One bad-ass dude he was.
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