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The Battle Zone Tournament

The Battle Zone Tournament

Postby Spyder » Sep 21st, '11, 20:34

Tournament Host: Spyder Judges: Emadyville, GameTheory, VenomBlackViper, Sam.
Senders: Big Ax-D, Sam. Runner-Up: SlimSoxShady Champion: Spyder

I want to thank the participants of this tournament, even if you did not submit your verse. i want to thank the judges for voting, i want to thank Ax and Sam for posting the battles i was involved in.
this was the first tournament utilizing the "competition" sub forum. and this tournament marked the first member to be inducted into the Legends status(Spyder)
thanks for making this a fun few weeks and a corner stone in TR History



I'm thirsty for blood at all costs so i caution you personally Cosh, let's box
everybody, just watch the tournament as the rush of burgandy suds erupts
i'm burnin you up plus i'm murderin the judge cuz i'm certainly corrupt
guess what, i'm turnin us to a burger restaurant while you serve the croissants
i'm a berserk juggernaut who earns his onslaughts and turbulance i cause a lot
i determine your laws, now rot permanently in the furnace when tossed
then you're stirred into dust, the searches are off, of words i've had enough
i'ma surface at once, learn it or not, i'm awfully alert and it's early, good luck


i'm crazy....cuckoo
i love her... you 2
my favorite band is U2
mother fucker...milf
grandpa fucker...gilf

Remove that signature, the song isn't killer or savvy son, fillers are dope in comparison with that weak spit,
Dissing a dude in the bottom of the wack rappers pit .. And you qualify as its ground-level with that shit.. AND YOU'RE FUCKING PROUD OF IT?!
Uploading that MP3 was a desperate attempt filing for child support, your listeners are fourteen or younger,
This place is dead on feed-back and the positive comments is just a side-effect of extreme hunger.
You got the privilege to say how hiphop fucked you over since your in-no-cents.. It's too late, just quit..
He got born into a family that couldn't even afford coupons so his entire life relates to it.
Your location is the sunshine? You're in the shaddow of attention rocking a dumb rhyme,
Like a vac-ation you should grab the chopsticks and eat your way through the drumline.


No verse

Ill slay-you-proper-Zabe, where you get off, today-is-not-your-day
Ill ‘remove Z’ cause beatin me is a tall order, im just being “honest-Abe” (lol)

I leave Zabe-astounded at the way-pound-n got the bars like cage-around-him
Asks if I’d spare-him-please, but you bout to “Bare da feet” like Asian-houses!!
(bare da feet/bare defeat)

Im sure that your nervous, after all, sometimes you gotta know that its comin
Ill shove a caterpillar up your ass boy now you got butterflies in ya stomach (hahah)

If you Shady you end up in a House Of Pain, you plain and Irish white
How you gonna leave me ‘hammered’ must be drunk… oh wait you Irish right? (lol)

bar 1 - remove z... honest, abe yeaaa
bar 4 - hes irish


Winner vs underdog, my bite's worse than my bark
If you're up against a champion, you've gotta rap from your heart
You want the women, the money, the fortune and the fame
So you're desperate for money, are you a hobo in Maine?
Don't stand up, you've only got half the stance
It takes two to tango, get ready to dance
You call everyone Coleon, you catch on quick
And you thought it was fair to fight a new guy, you prick!

I haven't wrote in weeks, but my lyrics will still choke this geek,
Winning this? His hope is bleak, don't fight the inevitable,
Hate to break it to ya, your rhymes aren't clever at all
This storm you can't weather it all, remove the LI and say BI
If you're thinking "well I can say why" then it's due to this,
I wrote this in 20, but I know this is plenty,
Your avatar doesn't make you cool, you're a fake you fool,
Leave you with a defeat, tell me how does that taste ma dude?


No verse

I don't "mind" you but I'm the real "genius" born to out-rhyme you
Go hide fool..I "weed" out the competition when I lower IQ
I raise the "bar" so high, you might as well not show "up"
You beating me? Nah, you must be a faggot - so nuts
I stop by your party and drop E...better "deal" with it
Put you in a "box"...graveyard flow and they still "dig it"
Got my glock and nine to put you in retirement like Rocky 5
If we're talking lines..better "hang" it up cuz the sox will rise

line 8 - hanging clothes on a line (socks)


No verse

What's this faggot "SeriallyIller" thinking stepping to me
You're no "killer-be real", your just a venereal spiller sweating disease.
A pussy who don't really want it with me, See..his ass was ransacked by shemale
and acts like it was the xanax but be real he just isnt into females... he fails
Should I dig a little deeper into details, hit the Mark and refer to you as Lord of Darkness
Fuck that you lit the spark and you now you can't afford the harshness
Add one more to my hoard of carcasses and I drop you at the cemetery gate
You're harmless, just give up cause you couldn't even serve a cold dish off of Ben and Jerry's plate.

Line 3/4. He wrote about getting raped by a shemale and blamed it on xanax. viewtopic.php?f=24&t=121639&p=1718827#p1718827
He also wrote about how he couldn't get a 'boner' for females.. Why I also call him a faggot.

Line 5: His name is Mark and also goes by Lord of Darkness. I had to do some digging to find this.

Line 7: His location is "cemetery gate".


No verse

I'll get to wrappin' this round up real nice and quick,
In a rhyming fit my lines will just lock your verse like the crime it is,
You could try to spit, but I'll have you bursting in flames,
And the last time you battled you were blurting my name,
Using me as a personal gain, as you tried to best the guy,
But I bet that I could win if both my hands and my legs were tied,
And no one would get surprised, 'cause you're not even close to this,
Just a poser chick who ain't supposed to win, bitch get over it.


Geno thinks he can write, but hes nothing but a fucking tool on this site
A useless parasite, this fool would take flight before having a fist fight
Cuz Canadians cant punch right, since for them its all aboot peace
You cant defeat me, eh, dont even try, i'll leave you deceased
When I grab your hockey stick and beat it over your head til it split
See im the Rocky of this tourney, and im making a mockery of it
I may sound cocky but ive got this battle in the palm of my hand
Cuz im up against a nerdy mod whose in a lousy internet band

Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
U smell like shit just quit for I flip my tip ( the penis )
Ur a fan boy that ima destroy and leave u like old toys ( u need cleaners)
Ima deploy plan B so u better stop actin like a pansy ( before I get the cleaver )
U think ur fancy nah ur just a fan of E ( and Justin Bieber )
Eminem clone a Stan see u got no chance with me ( start believing )
The fact is I'm back bitch and it just the girl who's giving head ( who's screaming)
Also I leave u screaming when I'm pour hot semen on u ( like a gay demon )


this is a face off, like cage dog, but i will literally melt the script on the page
till it rips your face off, im adolf, and your the list that couldnt save
get this bitch a fuckin twix take a break this isnt your day
irenes my slut so its a really good chance that ima reign
stick to your lane, this just isnt your game and im just gettin started
sippin champagne gettin a dame your just sittin on the mac lookin retarded
and yo your fuckin locations the womb, so i know you aint hard
if you keep fuckin with mah moud, ill leave you with 48 scars

our tournament is disastrous, you'd wish affirmative action when i end you permanently, asterisk
cuz i'd burn you into ashes to the jury's satisfaction til there's a personal interaction
and since i'm a murderer with the matches, i'm determined to ensure that you're absent
by lurin you to the Absinthe, then you're turnin into my desert and my breakfast from my axe
you don't deserve an exit, no question, yes sir, i'm off my axis as i disperse your mess with the masses
and cuz you can't reverse the past backwards, get the message, bastard, you're X'd with no casket
so your resurrection won't actually happen, i've mastered my weapon, i'm faster and fastened in my craft
and i'm strapped to scrap, that's the password as i manufacture fractures to class nerds
while i have your girlfriend on my mattress earning badges from learnin my gadgets
badgerin me's a natural hazard, Objective cuz trespassers never leave happily ever after


No verse

You all high-and-mighty write a verse to try-and-spite-me
By-the-time-he falls 3-and-0 to TKO he realize, its quite-unlikely.
Comin to my-town, better get-in-hearse youll be in trouble-dude
Have TR sayin “I-Down” like Whittaker only way you get the W!!!
Lets switch-gears like this bitch-tears, cause if ‘I Ballin’ no renegade
Cause Innovation wins from a ‘no-show’, like this seasons NBA(oww)
My “lyrical massacre” put “insult to injury” lets just say, man-he-fucked
Youll prob go noob and mock the sig, well ill raise the stakes, an-T-up (omg)
I just played on my own page better than you ever could… rest-in-pieces
I asked for a hot bar and “saw-dust” like a carpenter so… guess-im-Jesus(lol)

line 4 - Forrest Whittaker got a lazy I
line 5,6 - bitch-tears, I Ballin, no-show NBA
line 7 - in quotes are his tracks
line 8 - an T Up(ante up) my name starts with T, so im up


No verse

I don't know whether to call you slimsoxshady or OverKast twenty four
You don't wanna knock heads with this lady, I'll take ya where you never have been before
No worries though, it will only last as long as your seven song rap carreer.
After I spit these bars of venom you'll be left in heaven wrapped in fear.
I've come to trap you queer worse than when you got exposed on rap basement
Caught for stealing "info" and now I'm going to dispose of this fag, Face it.
Your clearly confused, you listen to some alright music but its mostly wack shit,
And.. Fact is, you're ghostly white but your girl is just a phony black bitch.
I'll beat you with my bare hands and feet is the only way I'll ever bare defeat.
Fuck socks you stay beneath as I walk all over you in a pair of cleats.

Line 1 - OverKast24 is another name he uses..
Line 2 - He has made a total of 7 rap songs. Saying I'll end him quick.
Line 5/6 - He got caught 'supposedly' stealing info from RapBasement and posted it on TRShady. Everyone called him out. He lied being OverKast24 on there too.
Line 7/8 - He listens to some good music but also a lot of shit like Lil Wayne, Lil B, YM.. And saying he's confused cause of it...and then cause hes white but dating a black girl.


This battle is wide open... after i throw my fist in
You're pretty much fucked and i'm in "pole" position
I see this chick but she ain't "measure" up to my meter stick
This sweetest bitch is getting punched soon as her fetus kicks
Only way you have a shot is if you bend over, and you'll see why
You looking for a "sweet" guy? After I bust, you'll get your creampie
Come at me E-12, I'll leave you at the bottom with the sea shells
I've scoped this ask for D-tails(details) on my skete trail
I should have just left you with 8 like the octomom
But I'ma pull out after 10...where do you want the cum?

If I had my hands pieced off I would push an' hit on my Enimee,
But if I sliced your feet off you still couldn't commit to felonies,
You a friend of me? Never, I endeavour with the devil to levels high,
Beyond the hellish to end all the fetishes over the plentiful Genocide,
You reckon you wanna fight, but the most that you get is some laughter out me,
It must be awkward to not be posin' a threat when you're from Hazard County,
All your tracks are lousy, I haven't seen anything hot come outta your mouth,
Geno's on top - hounding the crown, and if you were lost, I doubt you'd be found,
So gimme a drop with every ounce you can scrounge, you look a little stubborn,
You're crooked when you struggle and I just came so hard I shoulda worn a rubber

Line 1 - Enemy / Enimee
Line 2 - felonies / fell on knees
Line 6 - His location is "Hazard County"

Rest is self-explanitory


No verse

I'm savage when battle rappin', you're slackin' with active habits,
Only way that you have a chance is to stab and attack my passion,
You'll laugh and blast on my fashion, or talk on my long hair,
But when I seen your picture I thought, "that dog doesn't belong there!",
And now you just "stop and stare" like you're riding an escalator,
My lines got you lost in the woods 'cause rhyming's my second nature,
I tried out your wife, but hate her, the skank gave me a rough ride,
This guy's so fucking fat that he drank all of my punchlines,
I think you've swallowed enough pride, I'll cut you free before you drown,
You'll be hollowed in no time, I'll pluck your teeth to hold the crown,
So come at me and surely frown, you ain't messin' with my Ego,
Buddy please, just turn around, think you're steppin' up to G? No.

Line 3 - People usually use the way I dress and look against me, and it gets old. I used to have long hair but don't, shows how much people read up on me before they drop.
Line 4 - I seen a picture of him with his dog in it. Dog also refers to him looking out of place in it.
Line 5 - stop and "stare / stair"
Line 6 - Woods / nature, simple
Line 7 - He's married, or is getting married soon.
Line 8 - I remember people thought he looked BIG and he assumed they thought he looked fat.
Line 9 - Also goes with the previous line
Line 10 - teeth / crown, you get it
Line 11 - Ego is the name of my rap duo with Alieus
Line 12 - G? No / Geno


‘No’ never been-a-‘G’ let-us-see he only advances to circumstances of no Enimee
cause G-Know ill do more than damage an ‘Ego’ if he’s claims “theres no testin-me.”(lol)

your sounds outdated, most want mod down-graded, an achievement under false-pretense
you ‘all-intense’ and pissed but cant comprehend youll fall-to-vet, lacks the “calm incense”!!

im a magician watch me pull your ‘Hare-outta-my-Hat’ stare-at-it-and-laugh
hippies died off in sixties, now lets watch this ‘Mayne Black Bare’-on-your-ass!!(OMG)

ill off-G at top-speed, im a word wizard with a slick-tongue you need six-lungs to mock-me
its only six bars though its like you “Face-100” but im more of Ben Franklin how I ‘Shock-Keys’!!!!

if G a gorilla ima bang-your-chest with the shots poppin off, fangs-inject I aim-direct
this strange-reject is doin what… Jackin off? Yes. So finally Geno you “Came-Correct”!

your future in rap, well your best-outcomes another text-album so your wishes-insane
this ill be the 2nd tourney I knocked you out of, Geno just aint winnin-this-game.

Bar 1 - Enimee no showed/Ego is his group/ his intro said dont test him
Bar 2 - people sad he shouldnt be mod
"all intense and pissed" (Calm Incense/Common Sense)
Bar 3 - Hare/Hair viewtopic.php?f=21&t=69315&p=1122749&hilit=Geno#p1122749
Mayne=Maine Black=my name Color Bare=Bear (Maine Black Bear)
Bar 4 - Ben Franklin on $100 and the kite/key thing
Bar 6 - has a text-ep/Geno is mario character so "winnin game"

do not be such a big baby slimsoxlady when i bomb you with grenades in the box on TRshady
because there is no escaping this slick fox, i'll criss cross you
now you are on a one way stop to lodge with Hades, tick tock, i clock you with an MPH of 80
a big rock you'll get launched out your shoes cuz i am pissed off and crazy
thanx Mom, well maybe, then i'll take your awful red socks and use as a neuse for your hanging
next, watch the news at a restaurant i see what they're saying from my laptop on Youtube about the filleting
cuz i slaugter gumshoes outta their cages straight from the bedrock ages and i do this on a daily basis
it's true, i set bodies a'blaze, get to running your bases before i put you in hospitalization
with no compensation, end of conversation just for being complacent
cuz the charts label me insane, AM to PM i start the mayhem
and i charge an arm and a leg, char brains, and cradle eyeballs in my ladel
that's great a la carte food, my shopping cart's full of bad patients


I cut and bruise ya cuz I must abuse ya and leave you twisted like Tuscaloosa
I crush this nuisance till he's just some juices then wait till the pus diffuses
No matter what he's catchin "1 in the i"(one in the eye) like he's suckin a guy
I'm fuckin unkind, leave this battle "un-tied" after you've been stuck in my bind
Leave him sentenced to demise cuz he's member since 05 and still not a vet
He's cummin hard on the web cuz he's wicked erect and sticks his dick through a net (lol)
I'm "grippin the lead" so you know them shots will follow - leave him boxed n hollow
Popped and hobbled, I "zero" in on this target and fill him with "o's" like he won the lotto
I'm bringing war back to Fort Bragg when my drop ship launches a prior
One song in 09 and now you're 26? I think it's time this soldier retires
Leave this Bama bitch with damages when I brang the fist and KO this disorderly mass
I put the lumen to this human till the tumors split and his shit ends horribly fast

line 1: Tuscaloosa Alabama tornado 2011 - his location is Alabama
line 2: pus=whitish fluid on open injury/cut
line 3: "1" in place of "i" in his name
line 6: web=internet
line 8: zero instead of "o" in his name...winning lotto=a lot of o's in that cash prize
line 9: he was an Army soldier at Fort Bragg, NC
line 11: Bama=slang for Alabama...chaotic by definition is disorderly mass
line 12: lumen=light...Illuminati...i shine on him so bright he gets cancer lol

Ok EJ rematch with TJ, as I ream-on-your-ass youll see beatin me’s an unreasonable-task
This is Spring-Training for the big-game-n’ the only way we see Sox is a seasonal-pass!!
I man-handle this damn man from Panhandle, 8-5-0 equals 13 so for you-its-unlucky
Ill put on a brute-show ‘Sox,’ I ‘remove-O’ have him admit Spy, you-dude-just-‘fucked-me’!!(lol)
‘OK’ ill stop,-admit some of you “drops-are-sick” but a KO puts OverKast ‘under-the-weather’…
Switch to MMA, ill leave you ‘Nickel-less’ if we get in the ‘Cage, you Lost like a National-Treasure’(OMG)
Made the move from German town hey Hitler? Well allow we to send you back-straight-to-hell
So if OverKast gets “Grey” ill leave his ‘Anatomy’ like the show… “Cast-Rated-Well”!!!!
I laugh-at-his-fails, for me this Battle-Rappin is like Battin’-Practice, in the rings-where-it-happens
Even in this system youll probably get ‘Point Two’ man everything bout your “swingin-is-average”!!(damn)
Spyders-your-aspiration though I admire-your-admiration, ill just tell you right now-that-its-whack
Homie youll never be a text champ, in fact you girlfriends the only thing about-you-that’s-black!(ouch)
Have you face down-on-a-track like suicide, hes on Ems-dick I get-it you ‘Hold-D’(lol)
This aint a vicious dog, this cat is “mewin” and only way you ‘win’ is to remove-“me”!!!
From the moment it starts my flow-is-dark forget the arrow ill take a bow-to-heart
If this battlers an “Animal” id ‘pair him up to get fucked’ but that ships sank… Noah’s Ark!!!!!

Line 1 – his name EJ my name TJ
Line 2 – baseball(sox) you get seasonal passes
Line 3 – “850” equals 13, is in the Panhandle of Florida
Line 4 – Sox without O is Sx= Sex, “fucked me”
Line 5 – OK/KO, drops are sick/under weather/overkast
Line 6 – nickel-less cage/nicholas cage- Lost battle/national treasure
Line 7 – use to live in german town Maryland
Line 8 – overkast=gray weather, Grey Anatomy has a well rated cast
Leave your anatomy castrated lol
Line 10 – he will only get two points. .2 is a “batting average”/swingin
Line 12- his gf black, text champ is black
Line 13 – Eminem/ Detroit. Hold D/dick
line 14 – mewin. Remove “me” and you get “win”


I bet that you just shat your pants soon as you heard that slimsoxshady has advanced
I take the plot right past suspense when gats dispense to leave you standing half a stance
I'll be sipping victory Syder(cider) when I cut the p(pee) off like I punctured your bladder
To get to my level you need to step up to the ladder and climb up to Saturn
Stick with your Mixed Martial Arts and don't mix yourself in Marshall's art
I parse his lard, slice part by part, and feed him to himself when he starts to starve
I'm ripping out your spine to throw your own back back to you, hunched over...ab-solute
I'm sharp 'n known to stab a few, your girly rode your lobster and gave her crabs to you
You need to move over like a seat change and check your future wifey for my skete stains
Soon as I slice the deep vain, you'd think I'm moving back to Orono the way I reMaine(remain)
47-9 to me means that you have battled way too many times and like to count a lot
I pound the spot...then blow my load on your fiance's face cuz I cum out on top
Don't mean to burst your bubble but your audio just lacks the flow like an aquarium
I'll scoop your cutie up like Dairy Queen...and put Spyder in a box like a terrarium
You can't put out this fire flame who won the last tourney and still got gas burning
This is your last journey cuz I treat Spy's like gangsters do - just blast them gats in mass fast till you're on grass murdered

just gonna give general explanations, y'all can find the lines if you have trouble

I used to also live in Orono
cider is a drink
Spyder is getting married
Lobster is THE signature Maine dish
he does mixed martial arts
lard=fat...he looked a lil chunky is some pics I saw a while ago (don't take it too hard, its just a rhyme I needed lol)
he's got some word twisting rhymes in his sig i play off a lil
ab-solute(solute with your abs cuz you're hunched over with your spine missing)...absolute=complete (victory)
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