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Eedee / Mr. DGAF vs. Wreck / Zabe

Re: Eedee / Mr. DGAF vs. Wreck / Zabe

Postby SajN » Jul 30th, '12, 03:27

(3) Personals - Eedee/Mr.DGAF (again, as a whole they delivered. Zabe didn't really have those personals)
(3) Punchlines - Eedee/Mr.DGAF (It's mostly Wreck who had it in his team)
(2) Chemistry - Eedee/Mr.DGAF
(2) Multies - Eedee/Mr.DGAF (Wreck had better multies than Zabe, his were a little basic. The others two takes it as a whole)
(1) Flow - Eedee/Mr.DGAF
(2) Vocab / Complexity - Wreck/Zabe (I was in a little doubt here, but I go with this vote)

Eedee/Mr.DGAF - 11
Wreck/Zabe - 2

Zabe, I am sorry but you didn't impress me :(
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Re: Eedee / Mr. DGAF vs. Wreck / Zabe

Postby Emadyville » Jul 30th, '12, 04:09

(3) Personals - Eedee/Mr.DGAF
(3) Punchlines - Eedee/Mr.DGAF
(2) Chemistry - Eedee/Mr.DGAF (second easiest vote)
(2) Multies - Wreck/Zabe (easier than it shoulda been, both were good but a lot stood out in the verse)
(1) Flow - Eedee/Mr.DGAF (this was the easiest vote by far)
(2) Vocab / Complexity - Wreck/Zabe (only cause it seems like wreck went all out and that stood out as the best in terms of the vocab/complexity, and that was the best for me)

Eedee/Mr.DGAF - 9
Wreck/Zabe - 4
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