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Finals: Mr. DGAF vs. Eedee

Re: Finals: Mr. DGAF vs. Eedee

Postby Sam. » Aug 9th, '12, 00:03

(3) Personals | Mr. DGAF
(3) Punchlines | Mr. DGAF
(2) Multies | Mr. DGAF
(1) Flow |Mr. DGAF
(2) Vocab / Complexity |Mr. DGAF

With "11-0", we have winner as a result of a K.O, Mr.DGAF.

Ed, dude, you went far with the personals, posting pics and shit. It's against the forum rules and top it all wasn't even that hard hittin. Posting those pics actually earned you a negative point.Most of them very pointless and weak as fuck. DGAF actually exposed you and put light on lots of things that we didn't know about. Please, keep that making fun of each others pics to FB, this is a battle, I don't like that kind of shit, sorry. You had some punches, none of them stood none of them were hard hitting, just creative and dull. I lole'd at you playing with DGAF'S name, that was dope. While, DGAF, had lots of puches that were creative at the same time hard hitting. That parasite line was illllll, real ill. Multies, the way DGAF did was incredible, something that was there in your verse in a marginal way. He had a smoother set of Multies which complemented his flow too. While, Ed, your flow was very hard to catch, that cost you the point in this department too. The structure was not that organised, DGAF focus on these minute thing gave him a higher edge over you, although even his verse had a problem of structure, but at least he was consistent for a while. Rest is self explantory.

Congratulations, Mr. DGAF, your 1st RB victory. Two more wins and you'll find a place with the legends, and Spyder. Fuck yea.
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Re: Finals: Mr. DGAF vs. Eedee

Postby Spyder » Aug 10th, '12, 00:31

honestly not gonna lie, i agree with sam bout total sweep.
11-0 KO

your personals were him being butt fucked? which i doubt is true, so false personals dont really fly with me, and arnt clever. we've been through the pics u know bout that. punches again, just butt fucking, thats like amateur stuff man. your better than that, nothing clever was made from them and seems like it was your first battle or something.
DGAF, multies were great, which made flow great, so seemless and a lot of subtle multies. really fantastic work in this area. personals werent as ground-breaking as they should have been given how close u guys are, but i understand youve battled 3 rounds with him so.
punches, nothing really hard-hitting here either, but i felt they topped Eedee, though the 'not as hungry as me' is kinda played. and the cripple Jow Swanson was way to close to Yah's line.
really it seemed like Eedee was trying to go crazy personal, and it hurt him.

so really DGAF every cat
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