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geno vs eedee (ww3)

geno vs eedee (ww3)

Postby Spyder » Mar 3rd, '14, 04:01

Out of all the music you've done, you don't got a lot buzzing,
63 total songs, the two with me are in your top 20,
Even on the song's fucking comments you were mad hurt,
Logan Smith said he liked it all but the last verse!
..We gotta talk buddy, you're ruinin' your chance
Since you moved in with Demaz, so let's do a little math,
1 mic, 1 dream, 1 faggot in the end,
15 Twitter followers, half of them are friends,
Factor in the next 62 YouTube subs,
Actually, your best video's when you two chewed subs,
Yeah that's a solid one, 80, man you're backwards and boned,
You used to be average, now you're wacker than mole.


Man up and face your own battles,
Break free from the fire to a place where cold chatters.
Cause World War 3 will be fought within ourselves,
Battlin' to break 'em free from top limits and shells.
Compliments and hell, even heaven has a dark side,
The chains on you are fake - severance; Apartheid.
Go ahead and diss, it's only fueling more artillary,
A clever twist - choosing doors is silly, cause
I wish I could return to when I found love,
Cause now I'm just nothing to be proud of.
Celebrate my life until Eedee and confetti
Is the only thing that's left cause I'm defeated already..
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Re: geno vs eedee (ww3)

Postby Just Silver » Mar 3rd, '14, 04:19

Gotta go with geno for this one he had more personals and the more overall enjoyable verse

It seemed eedee didn't really took shots but almost anonymous shots and just some war mentality
Flow also geno gets my vote

The last line felt like eedee didn't really try

I vote Geno
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Re: geno vs eedee (ww3)

Postby PAINKILLƎR » Mar 3rd, '14, 04:30

Okay well my vote goes to Geno

First off he has a ton of personals, harder hitting lines as opposed to Eedee who didn't take any apparent shots, I like what he did conceptually but this is battle rapping and it didn't work out, if this were a cw tourney maybe things would have been different.

As for rhyming and flowing I didn't feel like there was a clear cut winner, so yeah,

Both pieces were nice but Geno wins the battle.
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