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Spyder vs. CanadaPure (WW3)

Re: Spyder vs. CanadaPure (WW3)

Postby Emadyville » Mar 4th, '14, 05:01

CP's flow was better but the wordplay and punches Spyder had were just too vote is spyder

good battle, i enjoyed both very much
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Re: Spyder vs. CanadaPure (WW3)

Postby PAINKILLƎR » Mar 4th, '14, 05:02

Damn, great battle guys.

Alright, First off with the personals I felt CP really brought it, had more real personals. The only personal against CP was the Eedee line and that one would have been nice if it were true but CP become a mod before Eedee so out the window that line goes. CP had a hard hitting line about the criticism, very well executed, also some really funny and entertaining lines.

Spyder did have better wordplay though, and some nice punchlines. Like the "Pure-L" line was pretty clever and well delivered. Also played off CP's name well. CP played it well with Spyder's name too with the raid line.

The rhyming was great on both sides, and flowed decently.

To me personals weigh more than anything else. CP's piece was more well rounded and that's why my vote goes off to him.
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Re: Spyder vs. CanadaPure (WW3)

Postby Just Silver » Mar 4th, '14, 14:43

Srry spyder had to go with cp on this he had personals although some of spyders lines were funny like the child porn line

But overall cps sounded more battle esque and overall hard hitting
Even though that neither were that vicious

Cp wins my vote based on content
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