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snakebeast vs staywideawake

snakebeast vs staywideawake

Postby Spyder » Mar 5th, '14, 21:18

Totally forgot snake sent me his days ago

I appreciate that you deviate from Em dickriding and Weezy hate
But that's not saying much cause most Em sectioners suck and are easy to hate
And also, if you could cut your posts down to size, I'd like the change
Because when I try to read them, I find it's hard to Stay Wide Awake
And even when I eat sugary toffees and drink three big coffees
And manage to not fall asleep and dream of female bodies
I find your posts incredibly boring and praising Em to the fullest
In fact, you do dickride, you dumb dickwad, you deserve a bullet
From my word pistols, each cocked and aimed at your flaws
You could try to resist, rap until you begin spraining your jaw
But debating the boss is like baiting the law, and actually
I don't mean the government's law, I mean the law of gravity
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