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crashband vs dgaf (ww3)

crashband vs dgaf (ww3)

Postby Spyder » Mar 6th, '14, 14:21

D-gaf gon drop that wordplay, have them judges in a comatose,
But lyricsm aint how many ways you can fucking stretch a homophone.
Fuck breakdowns. Fuck judges who don’t know shit about judging.
Fuck this forum, the silver name and people thinkin’ it’s something.

I hate faggots like you.

Real talk. I aint laughing. People need to know this shit,
Cos you aint obvious like Eedee going round this place uploading vids.
Instead, you hide on this forum. Too cool, buddies galore.
All rubbing ya four-inch to Em rhyming with orange.

Tryna make it, thank god rhyming better's the solution
“Nice verse, man, your multis are definitely improving
Go and diss my grammar, wont be creative at all m8
Been in the closet so long, that you can’t even walk straight


You’re so goddamn plain, if I blocked your name
And saw you made a post I’d think it’s SliK or solace, m8
You fuckin joke, a trendy poster isn’t offering shit
The gun is holstered, when exposed you’ll say it’s gotta be “hip”
Start bashing Em, but all his older shit is great and intricate
So if I'm “m8” just flip the 8 until his fave is Infinite
You ain’t gone win this shit; you blend in with the crowd really well
You jumped around the underground until you found where somewhere else
A rabbit race, this cat’s a snail and isn’t battle prepared
You quoting slug is ironic, you cant come out of your shell
Can’t find no personals, this verse is an elaborate centerpiece
And the purpose proves you weren’t cool for lacking identity
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Re: crashband vs dgaf (ww3)

Postby Just Silver » Mar 6th, '14, 14:53

This one is damn near impossible to vote for

Crashs verse was nice and more entertaining

But dgaf was more traditional both had weird punches which is why its hard to choose
I did like the line about blocking the name
Very few personals anywhere

But I vote DGAF by an inch
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Just Silver
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Re: crashband vs dgaf (ww3)

Postby PAINKILLƎR » Mar 7th, '14, 03:32

Damn one of the better matches of the tournament so far.

Both of you guys had some really great lines. I lirl to the four-inch/orange line and the rhyming betters the solution one. DGAF, found the infinite line pretty men but nothing too bad to hurt your verse but I really liked the slug line, dropped in nicely didn't seem forced, it went well with the whole concept approach you took and the whole thing was just smooth, straight forward.

Anyway both pieces were great, too close to call but I'll go with the defending champ no just because his piece was habit more intricate with the well executed message aimed at crash.
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