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Rollefsen vs Hage

Rollefsen vs Hage

Postby Spyder » Mar 8th, '14, 01:30

Yo, I'll start by saying I really really hate you Hage
Your monkey face bitch Ariana belongs inside a monkey cage
You get scared when I call you a little ass bitch
Thinking you're smart well then riddle me this...
You live in Amsterdam, and you've never ever smoked a bowl?
You love them asian "girls", I guess thats why you like the titties small?
And bro, what's up, you wanna give Selena Gomez a spin?
Do you really wanna put your dick inside where Justin Biebers been?
And I heard you like clubbing bro, got a bat if you wanna seal the deal
After reading my verse, I bet your head is spinning like a ferris wheel
Crown me the winner already, my nest opponent will need a fire truck,
I will burn you so hard bitch, I'm crazy, I dont give a fuck.


An addict who's worth less than gold is going to judge me so truth be told.
I'm curious to see how this little battle will unfold. lessgo
Rolly is a gay torpedo penetrating butts.
Don't get on his bad side though cuzz he'll lick your nuts.
Enthusiastic like a dog he licks your face, not matter the race.
He just like's getting saliva,sperm and other juices up in his face.
Last night at the park he flashed a young girl, now that's going to be a case,for the cops.
But this bullshit I spitt won't flop, like someone's finger mustache tattoo.
Assface uglier than a Kaiju, now look atchu you're baffled,weirded out and stunned.
You're probably thinking 'Man Hage sure is cunt' but this ain't over because when I'm done with you, you'll be carried out in a bag.
With a new tattoo that spells out my name all over your back.
Pew pew pew I just caused you a panic attack
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Re: Rollefsen vs Hage

Postby Just Silver » Mar 8th, '14, 02:32

I vote rolly

He had the better punches hage seemed to barely try at times although it wasn't horrible was very lackluster

Overall I enjoyed rolls verse more
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Re: Rollefsen vs Hage

Postby PAINKILLƎR » Mar 8th, '14, 05:13

lol well this was sure interesting to say the least.

Both pieces were entertaining, Rolly had the personals, really brought it on that aspect. Hage's first line was pretty good haha shot at silver right there, gave me a good laugh. Both lacked in punches and wordplay. Hage your piece wasn't really personal at all it was just sort of like story which would be fine if this weren't a battle tourney.

I'll give it to Rolly, just because his was better put together and went harder at Hage.
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