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BigRay vs RadishRun (ww3)

BigRay vs RadishRun (ww3)

Postby Spyder » Mar 8th, '14, 23:21

Hey BigRay, good day; I'm RadishRun
Today I'll make you say "touché" more than once.
Yeah I'm the new kid on the block, you wanted me to speak?
Want my autograph too? ‘Cuz I can sign your cheek.

While you actin’ all mouthy, I laugh like a hyena
Since you know nothin’ ‘bout me, lemme give you an idea

I’m first round, 5th pick, packin’ heat on Miami
You could be Ray Charles wearin' Ray Bans - you still eyein’ me
You the Five-0 show in '80, you 0-5, no show to Eedee
Let me teach you how to battle, son, we’ll start easy, AB-CD

Bangin’ out words more proficiently than C Dickens
When I was born in ’94 - history was re-written


How do I attack in this battle rap? Hold on a minute…. this guy’s a perfect example of wack
After we spit both raps, you’ll all witness that this fag will never come back
I’m fuckin’ bigray you moron you ain’t even established son
Radish run! Get your cabbage cut in massive chunks and try to salvage some
You are such an idiot for posting your own twitter account
That shit shouldn’t be allowed, cos you make KRS-One’s nose look little, no doubt!
So based on that ugly face, it looks like you broke loose from the zoo like an ape
….Wait let me elaborate, this is a battle that you can’t escape
Lookin’ at this guy, he really makes me believe that he wants us all to suffer
Even his own mother gave him up, it’s been 19 years and the bitch still didn’t recover
I’ll fuck your life up along with all 267 dudes that follow you….u had enough cunt?
You’re as intimidating as a slut, so after this battle make sure to click on log out
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Re: BigRay vs RadishRun (ww3)

Postby Just Silver » Mar 8th, '14, 23:55

I vote bigray

I liked radishes verse just not as a battle verse not many shots but a good attempt for a newcomer

Just practice in cw

Bigray had more personals and punches I liked the cabbage line a lot
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Re: BigRay vs RadishRun (ww3)

Postby Emadyville » Mar 9th, '14, 08:20

I vote big ray as well.

radish had a little better of a flow but bigray brought it to him in terms of going at the opponent, radish seemed like it could have went against anybody.
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