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Dewey decimal vs Snakebeast (ww3)

Dewey decimal vs Snakebeast (ww3)

Postby Spyder » Mar 20th, '14, 03:32

Dewey Decimal
Ima put snake inside the cobra clutch, choke the cunt
He had a window of.opportunity and i just closed it shut
i got a garden of bitches.. i put the hoe to the ho
If he ever had a 'clean ex' he Meant blowing his nose (kleenex)
niggas 'showed me the ropes' Like cashis clay
He gets ripped off if the bitch wants the crack i slang
Its a gram bought, but its 'sham rock' like st patricks day (shamrock)
This nigga? Won by a no-show
Still woulda lost if it came to the votes tho
Float like a bee and you sting like a butterfly
'Lyin' doesnt make you the king of the jungle, guy
The crips and the bloods aside, what teams you know?
swag? I meant shwag when i talk about the weed u blow
cuz without medusa, snake aint gonna leave me 'stoned
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