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menzo vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

menzo vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

Postby Spyder » Mar 25th, '14, 03:06

I guess Crash was right, I am Malcolm in the Middle (motherfucker)
So now I gotta figure how I can belittle my retarded younger brother
We ain't on a bad rapport, in fact you've dropped dope tracks before
But rappers come from the lab, Newfie, go back to Labrador
Or get your ass in a casket next to Ol' Dirty Bastard's corpse
Time to break the ice and take the gloves off, Dewey
In this game you're Steve Moore and I'm Todd Bertuzzi
Even the leaderboards assume you're no one and I am better
And on the keyboard's the only time you'll see you and I together
My pen's the torch I use as this flame war ensues
And I'm sworn to scortch, abuse and torture you
I've fucked this pussy all night, there's still 'mourning dew'!
Do I need to though? Cuz I have noticed your one prized potion
Get you overdosed and comatose after swallowin' a boatload of ibuprofen


Dewey decimal
Want to do a song with dew? Then rehearse, nigga
Ill kill a nigga more than once, ill re-hearse niggas
Let me set it straight. Its a diva vs a heavyweight
U lose, accept your fate cuz theres no use praying at heavens gates
No baggy pants, just skinny jeans... no silver chain, just hippie beads
That being mentioned b? If 'Spyder' thinks ur 'fly' its cuz youre his worst enemy
im sick to my stomach. Stick the clip in, and dump it ...
his skull gets caved in, my fists go spelunking
no such thing as magic?.. If its best out of 3 Then bet on a "hat trick"
Like the magician stuck in his arm and pulled out a rabbit (Nigga!)
Turn weed into ashes, Ur bitch is removing her fabric
tryina lick me giving me Hickeys , yeah she'll 'clean necks' like a napkin (kleenex)
Leave a nigga torn to bits , them lines u bite arent yours to spit
dewey dont mean andy but this nigga likes to 'borrow wits' (andy borrowitz)
Admin but im running this forum shit. Dewey in a cadillac
Talk about A battle rap but this is a 'landslide' like a fuckin avelanche
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Re: menzo vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

Postby Emadyville » Mar 25th, '14, 04:11

i thought this was a good battle. both went hard. but menzo's flowed so nicely and seemed to just say it without saying it if that made sense. my vote is menzo.
Menzo wrote:Its cuz you're dope and Daddy Dubs. No one fucks with that

I love you Daren
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Re: menzo vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

Postby gutawafang » Mar 25th, '14, 05:18

Menzo wrote:Sorry Fish, we already have assigned judges for this tournament. But I appreciate your insight, thanks breh.

Alright. Wasn't keeping up man. It's all good. :y:
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Re: menzo vs Dewey decimal (ww3)

Postby Just Silver » Mar 25th, '14, 14:52


He had more hard hitting punches and even explained a bunch of them
Dewey did decent but as I've said before not enough personals although our search is sorta broken

Overall menzo gets my vote
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