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dgaf vs cp

dgaf vs cp

Postby Spyder » Mar 28th, '14, 04:59

CP is up to “bat”, know your homies will be helpless
Cause Painkiller’s gonna make sure this Joker is Heath Ledger
This kid is tripping get his temps cause you know I’m sick with writtens
If he’s feeling hot it’s just a fever, at least then he can say his pen is illin (penicillin)
Want the crown? [removed] diamond’s in the rough; that extension maybe will help
But ya momentum “screech” to a halt, no way you’re getting saved by the bell
You’ll probably talk about the catastrophic bar count crisis
But y’all could add a hundred bars and still our rounds nicer
Those Silver jokes were getting old but you would keep with it
It’s fitting though, them lyndon’s posts the only way you’ll be Silver
I’m a “cut” above the rest and never “fade” or feel “cropped”
You want a “buzz”? I’ll send CP-3 “Clippers” like Chris Paul
If it’s fisticuffs this kid is fuck, this damn fight’s nothing
It isn’t hard to dodge his shots cause he can’t right (write) punches
So get the sweep ready, I’m mopping up these writers again
A scrub-off is just another one who bites the [removed]
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