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Which program? Dubturbo-magix-FL

Which program? Dubturbo-magix-FL

Postby Hage » May 28th, '12, 22:10

I am not sure if this is the correct spot to post it but i'll give it a shot :y:

So right now i'm using magix music maker ( cracked version ), and i've seen a hiphop edition for it which was only about 20€ and it got me researching the other options to make beats.

Now I know a lot of you are probably use fruity loops, i've used this years back just to mess with and was wondering how user friendly it is and if it is really that good in use. Also i've came across this program called Dubturbo. I've came across the name several times already and it seems perfect, has anyone got experience with this program ?

i've got a yahama keyboard which i want to use and i don't want it to be difficult to get that working correctly ( like with my crackedversion of magix :sweating: )

Thanks in advance :y:
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Re: Which program? Dubturbo-magix-FL

Postby B.A.D. » May 29th, '12, 00:56

you should stick to FL I think
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