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Tyga - Hotel California

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Tyga - Hotel California

Postby Atone » Sep 21st, '14, 23:53

Tyga - Hotel California Review, Written by Atone The Underdog
I'm certainly far from a Young Money fan, a casual listener, sure, if an artist drops something i give it a listen, i had "Hotel California" on my itunes since whenever it dropped, never gave it a listen until today tho, gotta say, Tyga is not that bad of a rapper, i'm enjoying this album, currently on my 2nd listen, let me give a track by track review.

1. 500 Degrees
Great beat, Tyga really brings it on this track, this is why i kept listening to the full album, i guess he surprised me with his flow, being a artist on Young Money and all, i didn't think he would be anything special, but, he kills it here, only part i don't like is Lil Wayne, he spews a line "Let me pass the weed, and stop passin judgement, before i have to beat em like a dick, he had it cummin" what?, shut the fuck up.

2. Dope
Wasn't expecting much with a Rick Ross feature, but, i love the beat, and again, Tyga really shines on this, it's not super lyrical but it's somethin i can jam to, Rick Ross was nothing special, again, another un-needed feature where Tyga could of, and should of, done the track solo, the features aregettin in the way of makin this album flawless so far.

3. Get Loose
Finally a solo, i can jam this, his flow is great on this album, makes me wanna go back and listen to his older stuff to see what i'm missing out on, love the beat to, good club jam, i can imagin this being blasted in a club and people rockin to it.

4. Diss Song
Another solo, great, the title made me wanna skip at first but, glad i checked it out, it's more like a story tellin song, his flow changed on this but in a good way, the beat is soothing, his lyrics are smooth and flow is easy listening, i like the chorus, this song is something you can listen to when trying to relax, i like the transition, so far this album has a bit of everything.

5. Hit Em Up
Another Feature track but i have no problem with this one, you can't go wrong with Jadakiss, and there goin off a 2pac song? alright, Tyga's killing it again, the beat feels nice, would probably sound amazing thru a car system, a song to ride around to, again, this album touching all corners here, and Jadakiss comes in, sounding great as always.

6. Molly
I almost skipped this track because really, do we need another track about Molly? plus the fact it's another feature song, i thought this one would be the track to ruins the album, but then i too ka listen, the beat is enjoyable, the "Molly" part repeating is kind of annoying, but, the flow on this is great, Wiz Khalifa, another great feature, i don't know the other 2 guys, but this is a pretty nice song if you ignore what it's about and just enjoy this flow, and the nice Wiz Khalifa feature.

7. For The Road
Usually anything that has to o with Chris Brown i throw in the recycling bin without even a listen, but i have to be fair and give this entire album a listen, i like the song, Chris Brown does good on the chorus (anybody else could of done it tho) would of been nice to have Usher, or even Justin Timberlake replace Chris Brown, ignoring that fact, Tyga is really sounding great on this, and the beat is smooth listening, certainly an enjoyable song.

8. Show You
This track is my 1st time hearing Future, and if this is how he sounds i don't think iever want to hear future again, but, Tyga's flow is nice on this, and the beat is great, it's just the "feature" that needs to be erased, i really dislike the chorus, it sounds like this future guy is dying and he's trying to talk, it's just, no, stop.

9. It Neva Rains
A Game Feature? ok, this works, Game is always dope, i like the Roger Troutman esc sound to it as well (i refuse to say autotune) this track is nice, something you can play in the car, Tyga's flow is amazing here, Game comes in smooth as always, this is probably my favorite track on this album so far.

10. M.O.E
Another feature, i wish rappers would stop making compilation albums out of their solo's, less features, the better, but it's Wiz Khalifa again so, he gets a pass, enjoyable song, nothing to special about this, the beat is alright.

11. Hijack
Another feature, starting to tbhink this album should have been caleld "Tyga and Friends", and it's 2 chains this time, just from the name, and the feature, i can already see this will be a skippable track, and while listening, it starts out cool i guess, good beat, the content is nothing special, but the flow itself sounds great another car jam.

12. Get Rich
Finally, solo again, for some reason, this has a mobb deep feel to it with his flow, the beat, idk, can't really put a single artist or style to it, but it definitly gives me a Mobb Deep feel, i don't like the beat all to much, it's to simple, this is probably the worst track on the album (minus the Mobb Deep vibe.

13. Enemies
This starts off with a love song feel, but i like the story it tells, very real situation (to him it may be made up but it's a jealousy story) , somethin i could easily listen to again.

14. Drive Fast, Live Young.
Solo with guitar? i already like this, feels sorta like a Drake song, similar flow, similar voice, similar style, maybe it's influenced by Drake, not a bad thing tho, i do enjoy this song, it's a good song to relax to.

15. Palm Trees
the main thing i like about this album is that i'm 15 songs in and it feels like every song blend together so easily, this song is no different, great flow by Tyga on this, a great solo track, and a nice smooth beat, enjoyable relaxing song, feelin it.

16. Dad's Letter
I love this for what it is, a very real, very deep song, glad he kept this one a solo as well, love the beat, love his flow and i love the story.

17. Don't Hate The Player
the beat on this sounds odd, in a good way, it's different, like a nintindo super mario feel, the flow is crazy on this, i really like this song, and it's a solo.

18. Switch Lanes
A Game feature to end the album? alright, i like the way Tyga begins it, the beat is passable, Game's flow is cool, but like i said before, Game always brings gold, i feel like Tyga and Game should work together alot more, Tyga does not belong on Young Money, him and Game need to be on a label together, let Game be the Boss, get away from Young Money, maybe even have Game and Tyga join Wiz Khalifa's label, those 3 together would be amazing.

All together i'd give this album a 7 out of 10, the main thing that keeps this album from a perfect 10 are the features, Game, Wiz, and Jadakiss are cool, the others shouldn't have been on this, the beats were great, Tyga was crazy good on this, i would easily buy this album.
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