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∆Ѻ∆ FORUM RULES *٭* READ!!! ∆Ѻ∆ (Updated: 01.03.2014)

∆Ѻ∆ FORUM RULES *٭* READ!!! ∆Ѻ∆ (Updated: 01.03.2014)

Postby SajN » Jan 5th, '13, 03:52


This thread was created in 2011 by FreeDoom, but we lost it due to some issues. Now it's back up and running again (5. january, 2013).

The rules have had points added to each topic to indicate what rule breakers will receive and shortly after the points table will be made public in a locked thread so members know where they stand in regards of being close to temp or perm bans so it is advised you read these rules as not knowing them when you break them is not a valid excuse (Yes we are used to hearing this one lol)

Points Table:

Rules Regarding the Following Issues:

1.Double Accounts: (2 Points)

1.1 Making another account will no longer directly result in a permanent ban.
1.2 If you make another account, that account will be deleted and you will receive a 2 week ban.
1.3 If a double account is created with the intent of a user getting around a (temporary) ban that is in place the user will be permanently banned
1.4 Making another account after already being warned about this once will result in a permanent ban and is the only exception to the points system.

1.1 Proxy Servers: (2 Points)
1.1.1 New registered users are not allowed to sign in using a proxy server or IP adress hiding. They will be informed when doing so to stop. Otherwise the account will be banned. This rule was made to protect the forum from trolls who want to ruin conversations and only cause mischief.

2.Advertising: (2 Points)

2.1 Can post links to your own blogs but must post half of your written piece as well.
(as long as their is no monetary involvement or requires a member to register)
2.2 Can put links in your sigs for your own websites, but is subject to disapproval depending on if it involves selling items, joining a site, or is a link to something inappropriate.
2.3 Can “advertise” your youtube, facebook group, twitter, and soundclick for votes, plays, etc. by making a thread...but must be a thread made on an appropriate section or it will be deleted.
2.4 Cannot make threads or posts made strictly to promote a site.
2.5 Failure to follow these rules may result in a pm or formal warning.
2.6 It is absolutely forbidden to post links to a site that requires a membmer of TRShady to become a member, to spend money or to bait him into business. This means you can NOT advertise your site or forum on trshady or anyother place that requires said aspects. The only Exception for this rule is for the Audio people, only if its in question to music you have created, or anything related to you music wise can do so in the AUDIO STAGE or THE STUDIO sections.
2.7 It is strictly forbidden to invite forum members into other forums, or to instigate a member of this forum to post or participate in another forum, you must only do so in private with your desired fellow member. Any public invitation to participate in another forum is considered as advertisement.


User created content (Remixes, Songs, any tipe of streaming media) [not gfx] should be placed in the appropiate sections and follow those section rules. Every Eminem remix or mixtape made by a user should stay within the areas of the Eminem Section. Every Remix, beat, song or mixtape not involving Eminem should be placed in the Audio Stage or The Studio sections. Not doing this is considered as advertising, spam. And you will recieve a 2 point warning. The rule starts from today (07/10/11) but we will lock previous threads that we find that are directly linked to the issue, without a warning.

3.Racism/Offensive Posts: (2 Points)

3.1 The “Racism” concept itself includes posts that are offensive for more than simply race, which includes: religion, ethnicity, homeland, sexuality, family, etc.
3.2 Posts that are written offensively regarding this issue are unacceptable. Whether you’re joking with someone you are friends with, or just trying to be funny in general and not offensive, remember that your posts can be seen by all members.
3.3 The penalty for racist comments will be determined based on the circumstances, but can range from a formal warning to a section or forum ban.
3.4 Offensive posts that do not involve racism, as by the characteristics listed above, consist of generally negative, demeaning comments against members.
3.5 The offensive nature of the post can easily be amplified by the language used, so please be aware and understand that there is an acceptable way to respond to others and an unacceptable way. Just please use solid judgment and this should not be a problem for you.
3.6 Any post that is made with intent to make a censored word on the forum readable to others.

4.Arguing: (1 Point)

4.1.If you argue in a section and it is reoccurring or drastic (to be determined by the staff) you will receive a warning.
4.2 If you receive multiple warnings (view points system) you will be banned from that section.
4.3 The staff will take into account who began the argument, was the cause of it, etc.

5.Spam: (1 Point)

5.1 When a members posts “spam” the staff may simply delete your post at their discretion.
5.2 If you it happens several times, a pm warning will be given.
5.3 If you receive several warnings, you will face a ban.

6.1 Please note that Those 2 sections have their own set of rules that you have to follow by all means.
READ THEM before posting on there. (Mods have every right to warn you or ban you for evading those rules)
6.2 Those two sections are also guided by this rules.

7.Privacy Invasion: (Permanent Ban)

7.1 Trying to Cyber Bully a member inside or outside the forum will lead to a permanent ban, (hacking facebook, messing with accounts, threats, attacking someone's privacy [posting pictures of members, links to personal accounts, and so on], etc...) so please, behave like a normal human being. Impersonating another member (even if he/she is banned), or someone else is not allowed.
7.2 Cases will be reviewed

8.Additional Rules: (1 Point)

8.1 Bumping threads: This is up to the discretion of the staff (the date since the last post in the thread will be taken into account) and if any action is taken it will result in a pm warning. It will be decided based on circumstance, since there are understandable reasons for doing this.

8.2 Bumping old topics: This is against the rules and will result in a warning, followed by a week ban if continued. Any topic that has not been posted in for 4 months cannot be resurrected. If you wish to discuss the topic in said thread, start a new one.

8.3 Trolling: While this is often disputable and up for interpretation, if you become noted as “trolling” more than once warnings may be issued, beginning with a pm warning. Trolling consists of making threads/posts or replying to topics/posts with the intention to purposely disrupt and/or upset other members. This often results in threads going off topic, which is why this can be a problem.

8.4 Off-Topic Posts: These occur often, usually not intentionally, or done so another thread is not made, etc. We have all done it, and it only becomes a problem if the topic is then completely taken off track, or if a conversation begins and continues throughout the thread. Since it’s understandable, this issue will be dealt with when faced, and may simply result in deleting posts to clean up the topic, but if a warning was given in the thread to stop and it continues a pm warning may be given.

8.5 Pornographic / 18+ content - The majority of users are teenagers, many under 18 and for this reason no content, not suitable for the age group can be posted. This rule only really applies to tasteless pornography but do consider the age range before posting questionable content. Can lead to permanent ban.

8.6 Double/Triple-posting - It is not allowed to post more than one post in a row within a short amount of time. The Staff might delete your post, or "warn" you about it. If it keeps happening, an official warning will be given.

8.7 Respect Fans - The board has been made for the dicussions of Eminem fans, if you would claim to be otherwise, any post made to anger fans and written without thought, only to preach hate will be deleted and you will recieve a 1 point warning.

8.8 Auto-Playing Videos - It is not allowed to embed auto-playing videos within your posts. All posts with auto-playing videos will be edited to remove the video, and one (1) warning point may be issued to you by a moderator or administrator.

8.9 Fake Links and Misleading Titles - It is not allowed to post fake links to news or leaks/downloads on the forum. It is also not allowed to use misleading titles in posts about news or leaks/downloads. Infractions of rule 8.9 will result in a locked thread, and possibly one (1) warning point and/or a one week ban by moderator discretion.

If you have any questions, please post them, and myself or any other members of the staff will answer them asap. Thank you all for your time, and we hope you find these rules fair and acceptable :y:

-TRShady and the Staff familia :smoking:

Please remember that other guidelines that were not mentioned can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18 If anything written in these rules contradicts something in the thread I just posted, the new rules are what you should go by

Please understand on this section, like all other sections of the forum, if you do not read the rules before posting, the staff has every right to take offensive action against you, as ignoring the rules itself is an offence.
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