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! All Forum Games Goes In This Section !

All forum games, such as Elimination Games, Top 20, etc. goes in this section. The posts here doesn't get added to your post count.

! All Forum Games Goes In This Section !

Postby SajN » Dec 9th, '13, 01:52

We've had a flood of Elimination games, and some other games, and frankly it spams up the sections. Several members have requested a section for the games, and the Shady Staff agrees, so here it is.

What goes in here?

All Elimination games
Your Top 5/20/50/1000000 list of something
Your Edited Tracklist
Features You Want (not really a game but so many threads like this)
Hurt/Heal Games

- More stuff to be added soon -

Remember that your posts doesn't get counted in this section. You are also not limited to music-based games. Any game you can think of can be posted in this section!

- SajN

Note: Moderators do have the right to use some discretion when deciding which threads belong in this section, due to the wide range of topics it could cover. If you disagree with your thread being moved to this section, please PM a moderator rather than complaining in the thread. Thanks!
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