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What's on your Ctrl + V

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Re: What's on your Ctrl + V

Postby shadyblogger » Jul 21st, '14, 07:37

"Yippee-Ki-Yay Cause here I - wait, did the world just pee on my leg? And should I take it as a sign? Maybe to take 'em back into time (Shady)"
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Under The Influence
Under The Influence
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Re: What's on your Ctrl + V

Postby DetroitSkills » Nov 14th, '14, 17:42

(1997)Live At Da Phat House In Detroit (192 kbps) [WEB]
(1997)Live at Wetlands NY (128 kbps) [WEB]
(1999)Live at MTV VMA (128 kbps) [WEB]
(1999)Live at SSLP Record Release Party (320 kbps) [WEB]
(1999)Live at The House Of Blues (320 kbps) [WEB]
(1999)Live In Grand Rapids (192 kbps) [WEB]
(1999)Live In Myrtle Beach [07.28.99] (192 kbps) [WEB]
(1999)Live In Tramps New York (1-09-99) (320 kbps) [WEB]
(2000)Live at MTV VMA (192 kbps) [WEB]
(2000)Live In London (192 kbps) [WEB]
(2000)Live In Los Angeles (192 kbps) [WEB]
(2000)Shady Hits Brixton (VBR) [WEB]
(2000)The Up in Smoke Tour - AC3 (224-2ch-48kHz)
(2000)Up In Smoke Tour at Worcester, Massachusetts (DVDA) (128 kbps)
(2001)Live In California (192 kbps) [WEB]
(2001)Up In Smoke Tour (128 kbps) [WEB]
(2002)LIVE And Fucked Up (192 kbps) [WEB]
(2002)Live at MTV EMA [2002-11-14] (192 kbps) [WEB]
(2002)Live On SNL [05-11-2002] (192 kbps) [WEB]
(2003)Live at The 45th Annual Grammy Awards (128 kbps) [WEB]
(2004)1030 Live On SNL (VBR -V 2) [WEB]

(2005)Live On MTV VMA [06-09-2005] (VBR -V 2) [WEB]
(2009)Live at Relapse Release Party (320 kbps) [WEB]
(2009)Live at The Voodoo Festival (192 kbps Shade45 rip)
(2010)Dreminem (Dr. Dre & Eminem) - Live In Europe (320 kbps) (L)

(2010)Live From Comerica Park (192 kbps) [WEB]
(2011)Live at 53rd Annual Grammy Awards (128 kbps) [WEB]
(2011)Live at Bonnaroo (VBR) [WEB]
(2012)Coachella (256 kbps) [WEB]
(2013)Live at BBC Radio 1 (192 kbps) [WEB]
MMLP2 11.5.13
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"Enough rhymes to maybe try to help get some people through tough times
But I gotta keep a few punchlines just in case cause even you unsigned
Rappers are hungry looking at me like it's lunch time"
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Re: What's on your Ctrl + V

Postby Just Silver » Nov 14th, '14, 19:19

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Re: What's on your Ctrl + V

Postby Josh » Nov 15th, '14, 00:32

“In six days God created the heavens and the earth. On the seventh day, Stanley Kubrick sent everything back for modifications.”

Arni da Goat


scrapig wrote:im a sick fuck, just ask Josh.
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