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iTunes library search

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iTunes library search

Postby LMShady » Oct 29th, '13, 02:33

Having a bit of trouble with the search bar for my iTunes library. It's iTunes 11, for example if I search "Lose Yourself" it comes up with the matching songs underneath the search bar.

The problem is when I click the song from there nothing happens at all and I have to then manually find the song I want through artists/songs etc.

Not a huge deal but it's just a bit annoying. I'm wondering if this is the same for anyone else and if they have fixed it somehow?

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Re: iTunes library search

Postby sneakerheadshady » Nov 1st, '13, 14:33

its weird, happens to me sometimes. there will be a small thing when you search something, for exampl 'lose'
it will show mathcing aongs choices, bu above that ther ewill b a little thing that says something like search itunes library for 'lose' enter that one. shoud work
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