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Somethin To Talk About

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Somethin To Talk About

Postby Atone » Nov 24th, '14, 01:14

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i'm kickin it like beckham, got ya city in flames
They sayin "Tony knows how to work it" yeah i got game
got you screamin my name cuz i'm comin with it hard
i just stick it to you pussies when i go off in these bars
got people fuckin with me like i'm a trojan when i rhyme
i'm breakin thru ya walls, impossible to filter my mind
and i hope you get this message instantly, let these words connect
i dunk on you lames i came to swarm the net
battle with me? homie thats like poking a Hornets nest
I got magic in these rhymes kinda like a Wizard
I'm bringin the heat while y'all just playin with clippers
got ya cryin for mercy, lookin thirsty, beggin for ice cubes
I'm ruthless with agression, comin with an attitude
better call the doctor, somebody's gettin a knocc out
Atone came to rock out and give ya somethin to talk about
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