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Freaks and Geeks (Remix)

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Freaks and Geeks (Remix)

Postby Mr.DGAF » Nov 28th, '14, 22:31



Okay so let me get this straight right
You wanted bars, well get ‘em
I’m hitting bitches like I laid pipe for a living
Late nights as a villain
Bane type of a figure
That’s killing brothers everywhere, Kane fighting again it’s
Preposterous, ink from my pen form a clock and
I bet that ten-tick’ll sound like the arms of an octopus
Cause my reach, astronomical these fools stay tripping
Bet these turkeys like the food for thought, they thanksgiving
And I take it; I’m loading up my plate
Don’t mistake my state for ungrateful, hate the fake image
That I see that they perpetuate, like they pack heat
That shit is leaving gaps everywhere like Strahan’s teeth
It doesn’t add up I’ve had it, these rappers
Lying abundantly
And it’s sad ‘cause the average fan’ll demand it
And praise it label it great and misplace it
Amongst the greatest I’m saying
I haven’t figured who to blame
The fans buy it with luxury
So it’s their fault too
If there’s a void, point me to it
Won’t avoid it, can’t concern myself things y’all do
It’s pretty clear that my screws are loose
So fuck it let’s get hammered!
And nail a bitch like a tool would do
Ya dude’s a fool, repping gangs
But I’m too confused
Now they got me switching red and blue like a Rubix cube
Spazzing, with actions that of a rabbit’s
Pulling bunnies like magic
Call it a hat trick, practically looney tunes
These days I’m erratic Tasmanian devil habits
Iranian backpacking with metal fragments
Explosive, -- the flow is certainly cocky
I’m going ape shit, this beat is bananas, word to Stefani
My verses or versus you, homie, certain
You’re dropping
Ya boy is cumming for the blood, like a virgin that’s popping
When I emerge, it’s over you know I run till I drop
Shooting 3’s from the bank, boy I gun for the top
And as I zone out, visions are skewed
It’s like I’m Spider-Man and everyone is Venom confused
I enter the room, and swing like a hybrid of tiger
And pound on the club, but I ain’t even out of the woods
I howl with the wolves
And stay with the pack till I’m down in the mud
It’s who I am, yeah it’s found in my blood,
Till I’m down in the mud
I’ma stay with the pack, bitch it’s found in my blood
Surrounded by dumb choruses
Foreigners to the lyrics who couldn’t finish a sentence
In prison, let alone warranted
My rhymes elevate the minds and I’m soaring
Shit if I chopped it up, my lines’ll get higher like I was snorting it
Fortunate nah, fortune is something I’m not deploring
Exploring the forming of forfeiture, four fifty four
In the forty, I dash, no Roscoe
Score with the glass, no Walter
Getting bored with the class, no Donald
Trump, gotta run, fuck if I stop
I’d rather cop a gun to constitute
Something I’m not
And blow my brains like a prostitute
I’ll acknowledge you the moment you drop
Something that’s hot, not the shit, boy you must be a fart
A little corny I get it, so let me try angles
Obtuse to ya, cause you hating
I’m bringing degrees, ya momma on me cause she thinks I’m a cute angle
She needing a squeeze, so I’ma bring the juice baby
Too late, I feed her the D,
Chicago 84 with my ditka
Like vick with nine pits in a circle
I fight bitches, with my venom
I’m kobe-esque
Adrenaline pumping, the ending is coming
I read the book; you know how the movie ends
I’m doing shit, fluently speaking
Jerusalem, English, a few of em bleeding together
Usage and meaning forget it,
I’m what Aladdin is
Make a wish, flying the carpet
Over the border, gonna bag me a Spanish bitch
A genie who’s genealogy stops
At the root of the tree, and I top it
No wonder you see I’ma star it’s
Impossible not to notice in twelve months
When the hood hears this,
I’ma be coasting like the Good Year blimp, bitch
You'd be surprised...
How many truths you can hide in flows

Quest for Six
Team Emma Stone
Buns till amazing... :')
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Re: Freaks and Geeks (Remix)

Postby FriedSchizoprenic » Nov 28th, '14, 22:44

I like a lot the beat. Rhyme scheme is good, but i notice in some parts you lost your rhyme.

I think some lines are a little bit awkards. For example

"And blow my brains like a prostitute"

That bar was really meh. But i like some ones, like for example:

"Ya boy is cumming for the blood, like a virgin that’s popping"

That was clever.

Flow is good but a little bit too slow for me. And repetitive. There is a moment where i was tired of hearing always the same way you was delivering your words.

A solid 7/10. Nice work.

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