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Anyone Need a Website?

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Anyone Need a Website?

Postby EminemBase » Nov 15th, '11, 21:11

I've been coding and designing websites for over five years, in XHTML / CSS.

If there's anyone here that needs a website, for whatever reason or project, PM me.

You can check out my company site here:

And on there you can find sites designed by myself (I also designed the company one).

I accept PayPal as payment, or Bank Transfer if you're in the UK.

I'm not putting specific prices here as... it depends entirely on the project. It depends on how many pages you want, what kind of design, how detailed, all these elements play into a quote as they all determine how much time will be spent creating it, and how difficult it will be.

But, I am very reasonable :) cheers.
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Re: Anyone Need a Website?

Postby ThomasJ » Nov 15th, '11, 21:26

You should put that in your sig & make a thread in Backstage, you won't get a lot of views here.
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