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1/20/12 - Ohio father accused of taping/caging daughter

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1/20/12 - Ohio father accused of taping/caging daughter

Postby Atone » Jan 21st, '12, 12:28 ... ?hpt=hp_t3

A Cincinnati man was in court Friday after authorities say he disciplined his daughter by twice tying her up with duct tape, then locking her in a dog cage.
In a Hamilton County court Friday, Judge Fanon Rucker set $50,000 bail for James Tapke after he was charged with endangering children. The defendant, along with his son, allegedly took photos of the entire incident that ended up online.
Tapke's lawyer said during the court session that his client didn't commit a crime, but rather took part in "a joke that got out of control."
"That's why his son, who is 13, posted the pictures on Facebook as a joke after this happened," attorney Christopher Jackson said. "Maybe not the best joke in the world, but I believe that's what is going to come out later at trial."
According to an affidavit, on the afternoon of January 10, James Tapke restrained his daughter's hands and feet "in a cruel manner by using duct tape," then put her in a dog cage "so she could not get out."
The affidavit doesn't detail why the girl was being disciplined.
"While (the girl) was in the cage, Mr. Tapke dropped small amounts of water on her face," the affidavit said.
The girl's brother let her out after about 20 minutes, after which "she poured water on (her father's) head and in his ear" in order to "get back at" him.
Tapke, 41, allegedly responded by binding his daughter up again with tape and putting her back in the cage. He then asked his son to get an electrical jump starter from the garage "so that he could electrify the cage."
"Mr. Tapke never attempted this, but he told her several times he should," the affidavit said.
Eventually, the father let the girl out of the cage and her grandmother helped her take off the duct tape. The court document added that Tapke's son eventually uploaded to Facebook pictures of what happened, images that were later taken down.
A criminal complaint was filed Thursday stating that Tapke "did create a substantial risk to the health and safety" of his child. He was taken into custody that same day.
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Re: 1/20/12 - Ohio father accused of taping/caging daughter

Postby Amaranthine » Jan 21st, '12, 17:21

The courts need to take both his kids away from him. Some people don't deserve to have kids.

Also, I think it's interesting that the daughter's age isn't mentioned anywhere. :unsure:
You should read this.
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